Tech & IT Support Edmonton

Our experienced IT support team can ensure your Edmonton business is positioned for success with proactive monitoring, remote and onsite support, and a dedicated IT service desk. 

Are Your IT Support Services Keeping Up with Your Business Growth?

Gain peace of mind knowing you have a trusted IT support partner proactively monitoring and ready to respond when IT issues occur.  

IT Support services Edmonton includes:

Bilingual IT helpdesk support accessible via email, phone, and portal

Consistent response and resolutions times guaranteed by service levels

A highly-qualified support team comprised of support technicians, infrastructure experts, and application specialists

Regular technical support metric reporting on issue tracking and usage

Flexible IT support services that scale with your business as it grows

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IT Support Edmonton

Information technology should support a business and enable it to grow. With the right support partnership in place, businesses can turn IT headaches into head starts. 

IT Support

IT support is a critical function to keep businesses productive and secure. With remote workforces, emerging security concerns, and the complexity of cloud environments – it can be hard to find the right IT company to support your specific needs. 

Resolute’s IT Support and Services covers: 

  • Desktop and mobile device management 
  • Patch management 
  • IT helpdesk accessible via email, phone, and self-service portal 
  • Network monitoring and support 
  • Infrastructure and application management 
  • IT procurement and license management 

Managed IT Support Services 

With managed IT support services, your day-to-day technology management and support is taken care of so you can focus on your business. 

Resolute Managed IT services include: 

  • IT helpdesk support covering North American time zones 
  • Infrastructure support for firewalls, servers, and network hardware 
  • Application support for workplace productivity suites as well as core business applications 
  • Proactive monitoring and support  
  • Onboarding and offboarding employees 
  • Regular security checks and reviews 
  • Cloud support and recommendations 
  • Patch management and regular updates

Outsourced IT Support Edmonton

If you are looking to outsource IT support in Edmonton or all IT functions, our team is well-equipped to provide a full one-partner solution.  

We can provide support, management, and high-level IT planning to allow you to focus on your business while we handle IT. 

Our IT support Edmonton offer is flexible and can be adjusted based on resourcing and the level of IT support your business needs. We can solely cover certain aspects of an IT environment or specific tiers of support all the way through a full outsourced partnership.  

Edmonton Small Business IT Support

We provide Edmonton tech support to a wide range of businesses including small businesses, high-growth companies, and mid-sized companies.  

Tech Support Edmonton for small business includes: 

  • IT helpdesk services 
  • Infrastructure support 
  • Application support 
  • Network support 
  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance 

We also provide staff augmentation services to enterprises and large companies to fill temporary skills gaps. 

Computer Support Edmonton

Our IT computer support of Edmonton businesses covers a wide range of desktop support, application support, network support, and regular patching. 

IT Computer Support Edmonton 

  • Desktop and mobile device support 
  • Full lifecycle IT asset management from procurement to disposition 
  • Microsoft 365 / Office 365 support 
  • IT helpdesk support to log, track, and see issues through to resolution 
  • Remote and onsite computer tech support Edmonton 

IT Support Services Edmonton

Our team supports a wide array of information technology assets for clients across North America. We are technology agnostic and leverage that exhaustive experience to support many types of IT environments with differing infrastructure and requirements.  

Trusted Edmonton IT Support Services 
Our support services include problem tracking, usage and metrics reporting, regular communication and check-in meetings, root cause analysis, and follow industry best practices and processes. 

Security-Focused Edmonton IT Support 
In addition to IT support, our team has extensive experience with IT security and can leverage this knowledge to scan your environment for known threats and potential vulnerabilities that could expose data and systems. 

IT Support Edmonton
Edmonton IT Support

Edmonton IT Support Company

If you would like to see how our IT support services compare to your current provider or in-house team, contact us today. We will gather your requirements and produce a proposal for flexible IT support services that align with the needs of your business. 

IT Support Company Edmonton 
If you are looking to improve response rates, get a higher quality level of service, and get a handle on IT security concerns – speak with an Edmonton IT support specialist now to get started.  

Advantages of IT Support Services

Getting expert IT support and services for your Edmonton business removes barriers to growth, helps better manage risk, and ensures your company has a trusted partner to turn to. 

Increase Productivity

Gain increased productivity and guaranteed business continuity with proactive and responsive support.

Cloud Expertise

If you are looking to migrate to the cloud or get more out of your cloud services, our experts can chart a path to success.

Access Niche Skills

It can be cost prohibitive to hire specialized talent in-house. Our team can lend expertise in key areas aligned to your needs and budget.

Secure Operations

Our Edmonton IT support services are backed by cyber security experts to ensure your business operations remain secure.

Quick Response and Resolutions

Rather than relying on an individual, our service desk is staffed with a team of experts ready to respond and resolve IT issues.

Regain Focus

With day-to-day maintenance off your team’s plate, you can get back to focusing on strategic initiatives that add value to your business.

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