Network Security Risk Assessment Services

Identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities that can pose a major threat to your business and get a robust remediation plan

Is Your Network Secure Enough to Prevent Cyber Threats?

Getting a network security assessment can shine a light on gaps in your network security and overall cyber security strategy. 

Our network and security specialists will scan your network to: 

Uncover entry points or security vulnerabilities in your network and associated systems 

Analyze the network and network-connected technology for security gaps

Run simulated attacks to test network security from within and outside the business

Ensure detection technology accurately identifies and notifies the business of network threats

Compare current network design against best practices

Get Your Risk Assessment for Network Security

Network Security Assessment Services

Our team has the experience and tools to audit network security for weaknesses that could expose sensitive data in the event of a data breach, document results in a report, and recommend security controls and changes to shore up defences.

IT Security Assessments 

At Resolute, we offer a wide range of IT security assessments targeting focus areas that are crucial to a well-rounded security and risk management strategy. 

These assessments include: 

  • Network Security Assessments 
  • Vulnerability Assessments 
  • Practices and Controls Assessments 
  • Full Security Assessment 

With any of our security assessments, our team will take a deep dive into your technology, processes, and controls. We organize the results of the assessment into a report that prioritizes findings by risk to business and difficulty to remediate.  

Cyber Security Strategies 

IT security assessments are just one part of a robust cyber security strategy 

If you are looking for a well-rounded cyber security strategy, we can assist with implementing: 

Network Security Assessment Checklist

We can assist with a network design security audit that will aim to uncover any vulnerabilities in the network design, network connected devices, or specific configurations.  

IT Audit Network Security 
A deep, technical network security audit should include: 

  • Network scanning 
  • Network security logging audit 
  • Network port security audit 
  • Third-Party review 
  • Network security policy review 
  • Computer network security audit 

Network Security Assessment Solutions

Our team employs a wide array of security tools, frameworks, and expertise to uncover any vulnerabilities that could be exploited by network security threats 

Vulnerability Assessment 
A vulnerability assessment typically includes an infrastructure scan of network-connected devices, firewall configuration analysis, and reviewing policies such as antivirus standards, patching processes, and wireless network configuration.  

Penetration Testing  
Penetration testing (or pen testing) involves simulated hacking attempts to uncover any exploitable gaps in securities that can open an organization to cyber threats, data breaches, and compliance concerns. 

Identify Weaknesses with Internal Network Security Assessment

A network security assessment or an overall IT security assessment can help pinpoint failings in current processes, configurations, and technology environments. This process often includes IT consulting services, network scanning through automated tools and leveraging the expertise of security specialists to review information security policies. 

Network Security Audit Company 
Network security audit companies like Resolute will work with your business to scan your environment, make firewall configuration analysis, highlight vulnerabilities and produce a roadmap to remediate them.  

Our Network Security Assessment Process

Our Network Security Assessment process follows best practices of IT support in order to deliver an exhaustive list of risk areas with the opportunity to engage our team in remediating them and monitoring them afterwards. 

Network Security Assessment Process

  • List out hardware and software to take stock and inventory of current assets 
  • Determine assets to run scans against 
  • Assess the vulnerability of IT infrastructure including networks and network connected devices 
  • Test current defenses 
  • Record results in a report including risk to business and route to remediation  
  • If needed, assist in implementing security controls and toolset to reduce risk to business 
  • Deploy and facilitate continuous monitoring for future events 

Advantages of Network Security Audits

Getting a network security audit by an outside provider can help identify risks and allows businesses to build a roadmap to remediation. By addressing vulnerabilities before they impact the organization you can prevent loss of sensitive data, disruption to business, and damage to reputation. 

Manage and Reduce Risk

By identifying vulnerabilities with a network security audit, you can prioritize what changes need to be made to shore up security.

Proactive Vs. Reactive

Getting a network security assessment before an event occurs is always preferable to having to diagnose and respond to a security threat after the fact.

Strategic Resource Scheduling

Knowing what vulnerabilities need to be addressed means your business can forecast when tasks or projects need to happen in the year.

Protect Critical Data

A network security assessment ensures gaps in security are closed to protect your organization and client data and systems.

Ongoing Improvements

Identifying issues in patching processes and security policies can lead to improved security ongoing as your team routinely performs these functions.

Stay Up to Date

Keeping your technology and security posture in check protects you from emerging threats and signals to your team and clients that you take security seriously.