We set up and support remote locations, manage apps and infrastructure, and keep IT working for agriculture businesses.

Your Agribusiness Relies on Stable IT Systems to Reach the Market on Time and Make a Profit

Use our IT services for agriculture to ensure continual uptime and valuable improvements to your IT systems.

Work with our team to leverage these competitive advantages:

✔  Expertise in selecting, configuring and maintaining agriculture software

✔ Experienced IT professionals able to come onsite to install your agribusiness technology or manage your IT projects

✔  Bilingual service desk with 24/7 support and ticket resolution

✔  Complete managed IT support for your IT devices and infrastructure

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Our IT Services for Agribusiness

Comprehensive Agriculture Information Technology Support

We provide agribusinesses like yours with IT solutions geared to achieve success. You'll get IT hardware, software and experts that’ll help you collect, track, improve, and deliver to market on time.

Agricultural Industry IT Expertise

Our IT consultants bring more than 20 years of experience to the table. We’ve provided IT solutions to agriculture and other complex, regulated industries.

Besides knowing what you need, we’ve got the skills and experience to deliver. For example, we’ve installed, configured and maintained grain elevators and terminals on-site as well as integrated systems right from control systems to ERP. We can apply this expertise across your entire IT spectrum.

Managed IT Support

Don’t lose another minute managing your desktops, laptops, mobile devices or networking and other IT infrastructure. That’s not what you’re here for!

Our managed IT services will keep each of your IT systems active and free of downtime, cyber security issues and other problems that delay your agribusiness operations.

You’ll just need to worry about tracking the development and delivery of your agri-products, not IT systems.

In case you need on-demand IT support, we provide 24/7 issue support and resolution from our North America-based IT helpdesk.

Achieve Compliance

Work with regulatory bodies to help you achieve compliance with any relevant required regulations:

Depending on your industry you may be subject to specific regulations that require strict adherence. Our consultants can help to ensure that your IT computing environment and processes adhere to mandatory laws and practices, and advise you on the best ways to proactively maintain necessary compliances.

Having a robust disaster recovery plan in place is key to maintaining business continuity. Not only will you ensure maximum uptime of your systems, but you will also protect yourself against potentially catastrophic and costly data loss.

Application Management Services

We’re aware that your agribusiness uses many applications for various steps in your business process. You rely on these apps to help you make decisions about managing client demand, inventory, logistics, pricing, and financial information.

We've built our application management services (AMS) on proven real-world experience. Our team, which is competent in many development tools, languages and frameworks, is your asset. We are also familiar with Agribusiness off the shelf packages.

You can’t afford downtime and unreliability in your apps, so we'll deal with the bugs through monitoring, patching and fixes. Our team will also work on ways to improve app speed and availability. We also support the integrations between the applications so that data flows accurately and reliably between key systems.

We'll handle every technical aspect -- including the security of your apps -- so that you can focus on managing your agribusiness.

We Support These Agribusiness Apps:

Commodity Management Apps

  • Grossman Agrosoft
  • OpenLink SmartSoft
  • OpenLink Thede Ward

Scale/Control Systems

  • L.V. Control Manufacturing LV Control
  • Proceres (Cultura) Agris

Market Data Solutions

  • DTN
  • Barchart
  • Reuters

We’ve also integrated these apps with other key business apps and systems, including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Navision ERP, LV Control, DTN, and Agris.

Agriculture Technology That Works For Your Business

Configure your agricultural information systems to integrate with your other key business platforms such as CRMs, ERPs, and more. 

Optimize Your Ag Technology
Reach out to us today to discuss how we can help you optimize your agribusiness IT. 

We’ll Keep Your Data Safe
We’ll also keep your data secure. Through our monitoring services, we’ll monitor network connections going to and from your hosted data. This service is available for on-premise and distributed server installations.

Agriculture Technology
IT for Agriculture

Technology Support That Enables You to Grow

Our IT services can help your agriculture organization experience the benefits that come with having highly-experienced and specialized senior IT professionals leading projects, designing processes and supporting your needs.

From Agriculture to Manufacturing IT, Resolute can address the IT needs of clients in a wide range of industries.

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