Endpoint Detection and Response Services

Secure all network-connected devices with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) services.

Reduce Risk to Your Business From Cyber Threats With Endpoint Detection and Response

Safeguard vulnerable workplace technology with industry-leading threat intelligence, real-time blocking and remediation, and expert cyber security guidance. 

What you can expect from Endpoint Threat Detection and Response services: 

Centralized 24x7x365 monitoring

Quick deployment – get EDR solutions rolled out in under 24 hours 

Accelerated detection and remediation – response times within minutes

Combination of machine learning, active management, and advanced forensics to proactively detect threats 

Automated responses to identified threats to contain and alert security experts

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Endpoint Detection and Response Services

With cloud environments, remote working, and hybrid offices – an increasing number of businesses are adopting Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions. EDR services help protect companies with growing numbers of devices connected to business networks where traditional security measures fail to keep pace with evolving sophistication of endpoint-targeted threats. 

Endpoint Detection and Response

Endpoint Detection and Response services combine continuous monitoring, advanced data collection and analysis, automated threat intelligence and response, and seasoned security operations centre (SOC) personnel to proactively detect and respond to cyber threats before they impact your business. 

Endpoint Detection and Response services include: 

  • Exhaustive data collection, analysis, and reporting  
  • Integration with threat intelligence to quickly detect malicious activity 
  • Proactive, automated responses to contain threats and respond to incidents in real time 

Endpoint Detection & Response as Part of Managed Security Services

Endpoint Detection & Response is a key part of safeguarding your business from cyber threats. However, for a comprehensive cyber security approach that applies security layers at all levels of the business, companies should look into the full breadth of Managed Security Services. 

Alongside EDR services, companies should investigate: 

Microsoft Endpoint Detection and Response

There are many Endpoint Detection and Response companies that cover Microsoft Endpoints – one of them from Microsoft themselves in Microsoft Defender.  

However, it is worth conducting research into what each EDR solution offers, price points, and then comparing against your business requirements and budget.  

Microsoft Endpoint Detection and Response can be a powerful option to integrate into your cyber security program.

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

Having a managed service for endpoint detection and response ensures that your business not only has the right tools in place, but that those EDR tools are backed by a team of security experts that can respond, remediate, and report on vulnerabilities, threats, and trends.  

If you don’t have a team of security experts on staff, managed endpoint detection and response services ensure you are getting the most protection from your chosen tool set.  

Endpoint Detection and Response Tools

EDR tools are the backbone of a comprehensive Endpoint Threat Detection and Response. They leverage advanced data collection, analysis, and automated alerting to quickly identify potential threats and take actions to limit the harm they can cause. 

Endpoint Detection and Response tools have the following capabilities: 

  • Data aggregation, correlation, and validation 
  • Continuous monitoring 
  • Advanced alert features 
  • Deep forensic investigation 
  • Quarantine and remediation 
  • Automation through select paths, workflows, and responses 
  • Threat intelligence 

Partners We Work With to Deliver Endpoint Detection and Response Services

Endpoint Detection and Response Gartner

Gartner has listed ‘attack surface expansion’ as the number one trend leading to more vulnerabilities and successful cyber threats. Gartner also states EDR Endpoint Detection and Response plays a crucial role in managing the ever expanding  

Gartner recommends companies look beyond traditional methods to security monitoring, endpoint detection and response to manage a wider set of risks.  

EDR Companies as listed by Gartner  
Nuspire, a leading managed security services provider (MSSP), has been named a Representative Vendor in the 2022 Gartner Market Guide for Managed Security Services (MSS). Resolute partners with Nuspire to deliver award-winning Managed Security and Managed IT services for comprehensive IT partnerships. 

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Endpoint Detection and Response
EDR Company

Selecting the Right EDR Provider for your Business

Work with an EDR provider to determine what level of coverage and services you need to best protect your business. 

Endpoint Detection and Response Companies 
Endpoint Detection and Response companies vary in scope of services that they can provide. Before meeting with EDR providers, determine what your specific requirements and risk areas are. 

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Businesses can benefit from a walkthrough of how EDR tools and services compare to what they have in place today. If you’re looking to get a quote or find out how Resolute Endpoint Detection and Response services stack up against existing cyber security measures – contact us for a walkthrough with one of security experts.

Benefits of EDR Services

EDR services go beyond traditional antivirus and firewall protection. Endpoint Detection and Response services expedite identifying, triaging, and quarantining cyber threats on each and every endpoint in your environment – 24x7x365. There are many benefits EDR services can bring to your business including the following.  

Enhanced Visibility

Get real-time protection and visibility into mobile and fixed endpoints with cross-platform visibility, views of apps and processes, and reports on encrypted traffic.

Automated Defense

Save time and resources with continuous monitoring and automated threat response and remediation.


Nuspire EDR services are best in breed and have been identified as a leading EDR vendor and MSSP provider by Gartner and other industry channels.

Centralized Platform

Simplify your cyber security stack and eliminate technology bloat by picking one tool that can monitor, manage, and protect your endpoints.

Advanced Threat Detection and Remediation

EDR services leverage machine learning technology, customized playbook remediation tactics, and comprehensive forensic reporting.

Accelerate Detection and Remediation

Reduce risk to your business by cutting down the time it takes to identify and respond to vulnerabilities, cyber threats, and active events.

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