Software applications traditionally go through several iterations over their lifespan, and it's critical to manage them in an optimal manner to ensure end users receive maximum value.

Our team provides application lifecycle management services designed to ensure that the software running in your computing environment is operating as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Application Lifecycle Management Services

Whether you run custom developed software or Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) packages, we offer a suite of application management services, including:

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    Proactive Application Monitoring

    Monitoring of your applications is performed proactively to gather data about their performance, providing insight into potential faults and providing a means to investigate and fix potential issues before they become a problem.

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    Application Backup and Recovery

    We provide backup and recovery services to protect your application data and to restore that data should a disaster or corruption occur in your production systems. Most customers will have other critical data requiring protection and management for activities like testing new releases of software, application or configuration changes, data fixes or data conditioning.”. Whether in production or test, our backup and recovery services will ensure you have the data that you need when you need it.

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    Capacity and Performance Monitoring and Management

    We ensure that your applications have the resources (e.g. disk capacity, memory, CPU, bandwidth) to meet your needs today and into the future. We will monitor key application performance indicators to ensure that your systems continue to function optimally.

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    Event Management

    Effective event management means that we will be alerted to potential issues before a failure occurs, rather than having to react at the time of failure. With appropriate thresholds set on key performance indicators, we will be alerted to potential issues within the application environment enabling us to investigate and mitigate issues before they become a significant problem.

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    Software Release Management

    With the constant need for changes and testing of applications, establishing a robust software release cycle is a good operational practice. Our team provides software release management services that will ensure your applications are running optimally and effectively.

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    Data Fixes and Data Conditioning

    Application software is not perfect. From time to time invalid or incorrect data may be introduced into your databases that may need to be modified. Working with the vendor Identifies corrupted data and institutes fixes for issues and errors, helping to ensure that your applications run smoothly.

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    Queries and Reports

    Software packages do not always come with all the reports that would be useful to access and analyze your data. We can bridge that gap by writing custom queries or reports to get the data that you need.

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    Database Administration

    Information is vital to running your business and often critical data is stored in a database management system. Our team has experience supporting a variety of platforms including MS SQLServer, Oracle, MySQL and Postgres. We’ll ensure that your databases are properly monitored and maintained.

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    Vendor Management

    We can act as a single point of contact for your application vendors, assisting with package selection, management of contracts, payments, SLAs and performance tracking.


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