As Application Management experts, we monitor and maintain apps to ensure business productivity goes unhindered.

Is Application Lifecycle Management Consuming All of Your IT Budget and IT Staff’s Time?

Resolute Technology Solutions is a full-service application management services provider that’s ready to proactively monitor, optimize, maintain and update your core business applications.

By leveraging Resolute’s services, you will benefit from these Application Management Solutions:

✔  Dedicated Cross-Functional Expert IT Team with Experience in Your Industry

✔  Access to the Expertise, Software, Hardware and Services Needed to Support Apps Across Most Programming Languages

✔  Application Management Services Tailored to Legacy, Business and Mobile Applications

✔  Comprehensive Support including Bug-Fixes, Update and Release Support, Backup and Data Recovery

✔  Software Level Support to Accommodate Customizations, Integrations, and Upgrades

✔  Bilingual Support/Service desk based in North America for Rapid Issue Support & Resolution

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Application Management Services

Proactive Application Management and Monitoring​

We monitor your core business applications to identify potential bugs and other issues before they impact your end-users and affect your core business activities.

Application Management involves a mixture of monitoring, best practices, and active patching, updates, and maintenance through a skilled team familiar with your application and environment. 

Resource Monitoring and Optimization​

Our IT team monitors your application’s resource usage (e.g. RAM, CPU, disk capacity and bandwidth) to ensure that it optimally functions in response to current and future demands.

Software Release Management​

Our application management services also include establishing a robust software release cycle to optimally issue bug-fixes, configuration changes and feature updates to your application.

Data Fixes and Data Conditioning​

Resolute’s application management service team offers a complete database management solution for your application. This includes identifying corrupted data and responding with the correct fixes to restore your application and ensure that it runs smoothly.

Application Management - Queries and Reports​

If you require specific reports on your application that’s not available in your software package, our application management team will provide you with custom-written queries and reports.

Database Administration​

Our cross-functional team includes highly experienced experts in SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and Postgres. It doesn’t matter how your application’s database is built, we’re equipped to fully maintain and operate it in response to any issue.

Support for Integration, Customization and Optimization

Well-Versed in Top Tools and Languages
By leveraging all of the industry’s top programming languages, tools, databases and services, we can support your application with full integration, customization and optimization support.

Comprehensive Application Services
Our extensive knowledge base provides a well of expertise to draw upon when it comes to obtaining critical pieces to complete your technology puzzle.

Application Performance Management

By working with us, you’ll leverage a highly skilled cross-functional team with deep experience in many complex industries, including insurance, wealth management, agriculture, manufacturing, non-profit and others.

Everyone you need for supporting your application and resolving its issues operate from the same office; we’re one tight-knit team so that you only deal with one support provider.

We are a Complete Application Manager

Vendor Management
Just as there’s no need to worry about the technical support-side of your application, Resolute also removes the concern of managing your application’s vendors.

Rather, we serve as your single-point-of-contact for every one of your application’s vendors by managing every issue for you, including contract management, patch management, SLAs and performance tracking.

Client-Focused Services
Our core value is to put you, the client, first. Resolute isn’t in the business of reselling; rather, we’re vendor-agnostic and only focus on supporting your applications with the best tools and processes on the market. Combined with our exceptional service – possible by maintaining a highly-skilled team in one location – our clients view us as a trusted partner.

Mobile Application Management Solutions

Mobile applications are integral to how today’s businesses operate both internally and with customers. Application failure from bugs or errors will disrupt your daily operations and derail you from your core business activities.

Optimize Your Application Maintenance Resources by Leveraging Resolute’s Application Management Solutions.
Be it legacy, core business or mobile application management solutions, Resolute is equipped to reduce your application maintenance costs through first-in-class expertise, technology and client-support without the high-cost of hiring, onboarding, and retaining multiple skills needed to manage your apps.

Packaged Application Support

Programming Languages for Support

Programming Languages for Development


OS Scripting

OS Platforms

Application Management - Disaster Recovery

Application Backup and Recovery
As part of our application management service, we provide data backup and recovery services for your applications. Should your application’s data get lost as a result of a disaster, Resolute’s application management IT team will restore it.

Event Management
Resolute’s application management services team works to prevent issues from becoming emergencies. We set right key performance indicators on your application and then monitor those indicators to identify potential problems well before they materialize.

Our event management process leverages our cross-functional team’s deep expertise and experience to properly investigate issues and implement the correct solutions.

desktop management services
app management

Partner With App Management Experts

Our team is equipped to work with any programming language, database or service supporting your application, which means that you’ll benefit from a fully-skilled and equipped team without the high costs of hiring, training, and retaining new staff.

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What Are the Benefits of Application Management?

Access to a Deep Skills Pool

To manage your critical business apps, you need resources skilled in different programming languages, OS, platforms - we can help

Scalable Services

App management scales with your business so you have the level of service you need to grow and evolve

Freeing Up your Team's Time

We can manage apps so your team can focus on strategic elements

Reduced Risk and Secure Your Business

Apps that are well-supported leave less vulnerabilities for attackers to leverage

Insights Into Your Business

Gain visibility into your organization and how it operates, you’ll receive recommendations and improvements based on assessments

Backup and Recovery

We can ensure your app data is properly backed up and can be recovered when you need it