We combine business thinking with deep technical skills to analyze requirements and design, implement, and integrate IT solutions for large businesses.

Does Your Large to Enterprise Business Require Key IT Resources for a Specific Need?

Large organizations already have well-equipped IT teams and typically only need niche or very senior skill sets to complement them. We have senior consultants that can bring insight and valuable skills to large organizations.

Our Enterprise-grade IT services can assist with:

✔  Leading and contributing to projects with senior project managers, business analysts, architects, developers, and specialists

✔  Filling skills gaps on your team with staff augmentation and IT recruiting

✔  Providing security assessments of enterprise infrastructure, applications, processes, and protocols 

✔  Transitioning from legacy systems to modern platforms

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IT Solutions for Large Business

IT Consulting and Project Management

Our senior consultants have extensive experience taking on complicated IT projects requiring many different skill sets.

Accelerate Project Delivery
We have the resources to complete major projects or supplement your internal team. Our consultants are well-versed in project management, business analysis, architecture, development, change management, security and other key focus areas.

Selection, Implementation, and Integration of New Systems 
We can gather your business and technology requirements and go to market to select the right technology solution for your specific needs. We’ll create a project roadmap for what is required to implement, migrate data and users, test, and integrate the new technology with your other systems.

IT Staffing Solutions for Enterprise

If you are lacking key resources in a certain area or project – we can help. We offer staff augmentation to fill temporary gaps and IT recruitment to help you permanently fill that hole in your team. 

Staff Augmentation
We have a wide spectrum of IT professional who can join your team to fill skills gaps and accelerate projects with aggressive timelines. Staff augmentation is a flexible approach to resourcing that allows you to ramp up and down resources in relation to your budget and timelines.

IT Recruiting
When you need the right resource long-term, sometimes it is better to hire a candidate who will contribute to your team on a continual basis. We access a large network of IT professionals to search for the right fit for your team. We will pre-screen, interview, and provide you with a list of qualified candidates for you to choose from.

Enterprise IT Staffing
Enterprise IT Security

Enterprise IT Security

Large companies often have intricate infrastructure and application environments built up and added to over long periods of time. This can lead to disparate levels of security and complex integrations. We can complete a comprehensive review of your technology and processes to uncover any vulnerabilities.

Infrastructure and Application Security
To identify vulnerabilities, we scan your IT environment, connected devices, websites, and review antivirus standards and firewall configuration. We rank any discovered security gaps by risk to the business and effort required to remediate.  

Securing Protocols, Processes, and People
We ensure that your security is in line with your organizational goals. Our team will examine your current processes and protocols to determine their effectiveness. Then we’ll create a gap analysis against best practices and recommend how to close the gaps.

Benefits of Enterprise IT Services & Support

The right resource can get your team and projects back on track for key IT initiatives:

Gained Efficiencies

We can quickly decipher what changes can be made to technology and processes for improved efficiencies.

Access Senior IT Talent

Our senior team members have experience at every level of business. They can hit the ground running on new or ongoing projects.

Freeing Up Your Team's Time

Your team can focus on strategic objectives around growing the business with the guidance they need to follow best practices.

Accelerate Project Delivery

Get the resources you need to kick off new projects and complete ongoing initiatives.

Manage Risk

IT security assessments and disaster recovery reviews allow you to proactively address vulnerabilities before they threaten your business.

Strategic Growth Insight

Approach growth with technology roadmaps, IT security best practices, asset procurement and management, and CIO level guidance.