Our cloud migration services handle migrations efficiently and get you up and running quickly, with minimal disruption.

Is Your Business Ready to Migrate to the Cloud?

If your business is looking to move on-premise infrastructure or applications to the cloud, we can help. 

We ensure you approach your cloud migration with a: 

✔  Comprehensive Strategy

✔  Business Impact Analysis

✔  Best Practices for Deployment

✔  Skilled Team of Cloud Migration Experts

✔  Thorough Testing

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Cloud Migration Services

Infrastructure Cloud Migration Services

Our experts can guide your business in creating an infrastructure migration plan to evaluate cloud vendors, outline how to get from your existing environment to the ideal cloud-based IaaS end-state, and help execute the infrastructure migration.

Our infrastructure support team can maintain your current infrastructure during transition so there is no disruption to business-critical infrastructure and your team can be involved in planning the cut over to new systems.

The path to get there will vary based on your business needs, but our infrastructure migration services include:

  • Analyzing your business requirements and processes to ensure a smooth transition
  • Evaluating and selecting IaaS cloud vendors based on business needs
  • Delivering a customized infrastructure migration strategy
  • Highlighting IT infrastructure migration risks
  • Executing the infrastructure migration strategy moving legacy applications and databases to the cloud
  • Infrastructure migration testing to verify all data moved over and new systems are working as intended
  • Providing change management so all team members are aware of process changes and how to access the new cloud-based system

Application Cloud Migration Services

There are enormous benefits to hosting your applications in the cloud including becoming more agile, quicker deployments, easier modernization, enhanced scalability, leveraging containerization, and more. We offer application migration and modernization services that enable your business to take advantage of these features.

Migrating core business applications to the cloud can be a steep challenge for organization’s with complicated legacy apps. It often involves extensive analysis, data migration, re-platforming, and modernization – requiring skills most businesses don’t keep in-house. 

Enlisting in expert application migration services, means you minimize data loss, reduce risk, and migrate applications faster and more reliably.

Our application migration services:

  • Analyze your business needs, applications, technology environment, processes, and impact to business
  • Determine the cost to move services
  • Highlight which applications can move to the cloud immediately and if there are apps that need to be rewritten or modernized to work well in the cloud
  • Identify if there are any cloud-based apps in the marketplace that can be configured to meet your needs
  • Guide your selection of cloud platform and define the migration roadmap
  • Execute the application migration per the strategy
  • Test and validate the newly deployed cloud applications

Public Cloud Migration Services

When migrating to cloud services in the Public Cloud, you are generally deciding between Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. We can help you select the right public cloud provider for your business and outline the steps required to get from your current set-up to your ideal cloud environment.

We typically perform cloud vendor assessments to ensure they meet your business and security needs.

Cloud Support from Cloud Migration Companies

Once you are in the cloud, we can support your cloud applications and infrastructure, so you are getting the most from your cloud environment. Although cloud providers support their platforms, often times the integrations between your public cloud technology and core business apps require maintenance.

We also provide administration services of your cloud services to add/remove users, provide password resets, conduct monitoring, handle backups and restores, and ensure your staff know how to leverage new features and updates as they are rolled out.

Private Cloud Migration

When discussing private cloud migration, most people are referring to a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). A VPC is a private cloud built in a virtual environment on cloud provider’s infrastructure. Think of it as carving out a section of the public cloud and building your own “private cloud” within it.

If you’re looking for enhanced security and more control over your cloud environment, we can build a VPC for more data privacy and protection.

A true private cloud or enterprise cloud is built on your own infrastructure rather than leveraging the infrastructure of a cloud provider. It requires much more configuration and maintenance but allows you full control of every aspect of the environment.

More information: Public vs. Private Cloud Migration – Which is Right For Your Business

Migrating to the Cloud

The Right Expertise to Get You to the Cloud

Cloud migration can be a very complex project requiring diverse skillsets and experience to execute smoothly and avoid technical and business pitfalls. Cloud migration services can steer your company’s transition to success with the skills, expertise and processes to get to the cloud faster.

Partner With a Cloud Migration Consultant for a Structured Approach

We can provide a structured approach for cloud migration services, ensuring your business has the proper processes in place to transition with minimal disruption to your organization.

cloud migration
cloud migration consultant

Cloud Migration Consulting and Migration Services

Our cloud migration services can aid your business at each stage of your cloud migration journey. We can assess your organization’s readiness to move to the cloud, devise a cloud migration strategy, create a cloud roadmap, work with your business to get to the ideal end-state, and support your environment after you migrate to cloud services.

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If you have any questions about infrastructure migration, application migration services, or what a migration strategy looks like book a free 30-minute consult with one of our cloud migration experts. 

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Benefits of Cloud Migration Services

The benefits of enlisting in cloud migration services include the ability to streamline your migration project, access skills your business doesn’t possess in-house, leverage experience from past migration projects and best practices, and avoid risks involved in migration to cloud services.

Benefits of cloud computing include:

Save Time and Money

Cloud migration experts can save businesses time and money compared to resourcing cloud projects internally.


Easily scale up or down usage of services based on business demand under a pay-as-you-go model

Disaster Recovery

Enhance disaster recovery planning and security of data by backing up your cloud environment more easily than on-premise

Reduced Complexity

Simplify your IT department by reducing the need for certain skillsets required to maintain on-premise equipment

Enhanced Mobility

Gain mobility by being able to access your network and apps from outside of the office location