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Remote IT Support Services

We provide remote IT support to organizations across North America. 

Does your business require remote IT support services?

Our managed services team has the expertise, tools, and processes to support businesses remotely. 

Our Remote IT Support Services cover:

Remote desktop support via remote takeover to resolve tech problems contact-free

Self-service portals to launch support tickets and monitor their status

Remote support for patching and updates rolled out to workstations, mobile devices, tablets, applications, and hardware

VPN configuration to ensure secure remote support and communication

Secure remote solutions to safeguard remote workers connecting from home

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Remote Support Solutions That Fit Your Business

Our remote IT support services are designed to be flexible, scalable, and resolve any technical issues quickly.

  • Remote Technical Support
  • Remote Helpdesk Support
  • Contactless Device Set-up

Remote Technical Support Services 

Most IT support tasks can be accomplished remotely including: 

  • Rolling out patches and updates 
  • Support ticket submission and issue resolution 
  • Software installs 
  • Firewall updates 
  • Remote PC support services 

Remote Helpdesk Support Services 

Our remote helpdesk support team provides: 

  • 24x7 on call remote tech support 
  • Bilingual support in both English and French 
  • Ticket response and resolution speeds matched to business requirements in Service Level Agreements 
  • Omnichannel remote support via phone, email, and self-service portal 

Configure and Drop Ship Devices

As part of our service, we can configure, deploy, and deliver new devices should your current one become locked out or bricked. 

Even without access to the network, our remote IT support services can resolve your problem and get you back online. 

Remote Support for Remote Workers

Our remote IT support is designed to resolve tech issues for your team regardless of location.

Remote Support Solutions 

Our team sets up comprehensive monitoring on key systems to send alerts when problems arise. Our suite of remote support solutions ensures your business has the assistance you need when you need it.

Remote Tech Support Services

We leverage remote IT support to investigate and resolve IT problems with workstations, mobile devices, key applications, and networks. 

remote IT support services

Best Remote Support

Not having remote IT support services can lead to considerable losses in productivity 

Secure Remote Support 

We assist companies to secure remote work environments through: 

  • VPN configuration for secure remote access to corporate networks 
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) 
  • Email and web filtering 
  • Hardening home networks 
  • Remote patching, updates, and antivirus configuration 

Remote IT Support Services  

  • Remote PC support services 
  • Linux remote support 
  • Remote helpdesk support 
  • Remote desktop support services 
  • Online remote support 

How To Do An IT Assessment

We can assist with the process by implementing strategies to forecast your future costs while taking into account the current value of your systems.

Our information technology assessment services will evaluate your technology environment from all angles and make recommendations on how to improve the overall state of your systems. We can help to make sure your systems properly support your business while mitigating risk, reviewing processes and practices, helping with budgeting and preparing you for the future.

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To learn how our IT assessment services can be put to work for your company, contact us.

Advantages of Remote Tech Support

Remote IT support services enable businesses to operate confidently knowing that team members and technology is supported at every location.  

Secure Remote Support

We take necessary steps to ensure remote connections into your corporate networks are secure and not leaving key data and system vulnerable. 

Remote Support Solutions

On top of extensive remote support experience, our team has a set of tools that enables fast and reliable remote support.

Empowers ‘Work From Home’ models

Give your remote employees the same level of support as office workers.

Remote Support is Scalable

As your company grows and you add more locations and staff, remote IT support services scales right along with your growth.

Save Money

Find valuable savings with an IT budget review

Disaster Recovery That Works

Disaster recovery testing gives you confidence that if the worst should happen, your business can recover


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