The emergence of new practices, trends, devices, and methodologies makes it hard to stay on top of the most up-to-date best practices. Leverage Application Development Consulting to get up-to-speed.

Does Your Team Struggle to Maintain Traction in Build Phases?

If you have recurring productivity, quality, or support issues during any part of development the problem may be with your software development processes. Our application development consulting services, can help you fine-tune or revamp your processes enabling your team to reach the next level.

We can help your team:

✔  Assess your current practices against industry best practices 

✔  Develop plans to improve methodology

✔  Achieve quick wins in improving productivity

✔  Deliver roadmaps to future improvements

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Our Application Development Consulting Services

Methodology Advice

We can advise you and your team on how to follow application development best practices and processes. We offer consulting, guidance, and mentorship on Agile Development and Software Configuration Management (SCM) including best practices in Agile methodology, team organization, revision control, continuous integration, change management, tool selection, and more.

Best Practices Building for Web and Mobile

We have a lot of application development consulting experience working with the major mobile and web platforms including Android, iOS, Xamarin, Angular, Backbone, and the Spring Platform. We provide the guidance you need to implement best practices designed to minimize or eliminate potentially costly mistakes in your current and future projects.

Our Application Development Consulting in Action

SCM Best Practices Assessment
Our SCM Best Practices Assessment examines the issues holding you back and gives you a plan to break free. We assess your current practices against best practices in software development and software configuration management.  

Quick Wins Plan and a Roadmap For Future Improvements  
Our gap analysis identifies concrete opportunities for improvement. We produce a quick-wins plan to address priority issues and quickly move your team to the next level. We help produce the roadmap to address remaining issues and help instill a culture of continuous improvement.

Development Consulting on Laptop and Mobile
Application Development Consulting for Mobile App

Is Application Development Consulting Right For Your Business

If you answer yes to any of these questions, our SCM Best Practices Assessment can help:

  • Does updating your production software make you sweat?
  • Have you lost old fixes after promoting new code to production?
  • Does fixing one problem lead to two more?
  • Have you unintentionally promoted new features or fixes before you had planned?
  • Do you have difficulty finding the matching source code to your production code?
  • Do you have trouble recreating user problems on your test systems?
  • Do you have trouble tracing requirements from inception to production?
  • Does it take you all day to create a production build?

See the Difference Experienced App Development Consulting Can Make

Our developers and consultants bring a wealth of application development expertise to your business, providing you with the advice and guidance needed to improve your development processes for ongoing and future projects.

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Our experienced IT consultants have the skills and experience to help make sure your development team is on the right track.

To book a SCM Best Practices Assessment or to learn how our application development consulting can help your business, contact us.

Development Consulting for Phone and Tablet

Benefits of Application Development Consulting

Advantages to improving your application development practices include:

Reduce Compliance Errors

Identify where mistakes are being made in development to reduce errors

Achieve Industry Standard

Improve your development practices until they meet industry standards

Save Time

By solving problems in your process, you can save time in future projects

Access Valuable Training

We can provide guidance on development frameworks, processes, and containerization platforms