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Resolute’s IT Assessment Services give you access to the expertise you need to ensure that your infrastructure, applications, processes, and projects are in line with your business goals. Leverage our knowledge to help you navigate your way through the technology landscape.

With Resolute’s IT Needs Assessment Services, you can:

✔ Get a health check on your IT as a whole or just one specific area 

✔ Ensure your infrastructure and applications aren’t causing issues and are meeting your business needs

✔ Review your organization structure and processes to identify any key areas of improvement

✔ Assess your Disaster Recovery strategy and Cybersecurity measures to ensure your business and customers data is safe

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Our Information Technology Assessment Services

Our IT assessment services consist of a suite of reviews and appraisals to help measure performance in key areas. These include:

IT Organizational Reviews

We’ll review the capability of IT staff and current organization and evaluate against business needs to determine if any changes are needed to optimize your organizational structure.

IT Process and Risk Reviews

By examining your existing technology policies, processes, and operational procedures we'll be able to help determine areas for improvement, your overall level of risk, and provide guidance on how to mitigate it.

Infrastructure Assessments

We’ll review your current state by assessing your organization’s backup processes and technology as well as reviewing all technology platforms (SAN, servers, VMs, network, PCs, email, facilities, phones, and others). We’ll complete the infrastructure assessment by providing you a Gap Analysis report with recommendations on how to achieve a Target State with optimized infrastructure and processes.

Application Assessments

We can do a fitness assessment to review how well your application fits current and emerging business needs and technical requirements. We also assess application portfolios doing separate assessments on each application in the portfolio. We do a thorough quality review, looking closer at the application’s code to determine what is working well and what should be replaced.

Disaster Recovery Reviews

We can work with you to develop an IT Disaster Recovery plan or test and improve an existing plan to make sure your systems and data are protected in the event of a disaster. We’d start by defining the scope of the Disaster Recovery plan test, execute the test, identify any gaps, and build plans to address gaps.

Security Reviews

We'll examine the extent to which proper security measures are integrated into your technology environment and report on any vulnerabilities. We'll make recommendations on how to ensure that proper best practices are followed. Companies are responsible for protecting their data, and breaches can be very costly. An in-depth security review can help protect your business from potentially damaging loss of data.

Project Reviews

IT projects can be challenging to properly implement and deliver. We can review the scope and progress of your projects to ensure their timely completion, with recommended fixes.

IT Budget Reviews

Properly budgeting for your technology needs is vital for any business. We can help you with provisioning IT costs through reviewing new acquisitions, upgrades and replacements that may affect your business.

IT Assessment Services

Detailed Insight Enables Better Decision-Making
Taking advantage of an in-depth series of reviews and assessments of your technology environment can help to ensure that your needs are being met efficiently and effectively. This means assessing your internal applications, infrastructure, organizational structure, processes and IT projects.

Chart the Best Way Forward
Our IT assessment services are designed to evaluate your technology setup and provide guidance on the best way forward.

Plan IT Assessment
Professional IT Guidance

Why an IT Assessment?

Each business has its own IT environment that it depends upon to function at peak performance. Conducting a thorough IT assessment means you’ll have your entire system analyzed and evaluated with written recommendations made to help apprise you of the state of your technology.

The ultimate goal of an IT assessment is to identify areas in need of improvement in regard to your IT team, infrastructure, applications, processes, and available resources.

How To Do An IT Assessment

We can assist with the process by implementing strategies to forecast your future costs while taking into account the current value of your systems.

Our information technology assessment services will evaluate your technology environment from all angles and make recommendations on how to improve the overall state of your systems. We can help to make sure your systems properly support your business while mitigating risk, reviewing processes and practices, helping with budgeting and preparing you for the future.

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IT Assessments

What Are the Benefits of IT Assessments?

An IT Assessment can bring forward the following benefits for your business:

Reduce Risk

With security reviews and technology assessments, you’ll have a view into any vulnerabilities and actions required to solve them

Improved Apps and Infrastructure

With assessments you’ll get action items on replacing, upgrading, or modernizing existing tools

Gain Efficiencies

Organizational assessments can lead to more productive team structures

Accelerate Projects

Project reviews allow your teams to overcome barriers to success

Save Money

Find valuable savings with an IT budget review

Disaster Recovery That Works

Disaster recovery testing gives you confidence that if the worst should happen, your business can recover