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Are restrictive legacy systems holding your business back?
We can help.

Is Outdated Legacy Technology Preventing Your Business From Leveraging Modern Functionality?

We can help you find ways to work around or transition away from legacy technology, so you enhance user experience, leverage the cloud, automation, and integrations to modern tools.

Our team can help you to:

✔ Decide when is the right time to upgrade or transition off your legacy platform

✔ Craft a strategy around which functions to migrate over to modern systems first

✔ Improve user experience and functionality by upgrading your legacy technology with front-end features

✔ Leverage the full features of your new platform including mobile, cloud, enhanced analytics, and more

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Break Free of Legacy Applications

Legacy technology is one of the greatest barriers to digital transformation. Core business apps are often run from on-premise, custom-coded solutions that are integral to day-to-day operations.

Experienced with Legacy Modernization

Our team has the skills necessary to assess your legacy technology and determine whether upgrades can be made to achieve the results you are looking for with your existing technology. 

Successful Replatforming Projects

We’ve completed several successful migrations from restrictive legacy technology to modern platforms that allowed our clients to gain access to real-time data mining, web and mobile interfaces, automation, and integrations with new tools.

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When to Transition from Legacy Systems

Replacing legacy technology isn’t typically an easy or quick process. Many businesses continue on with their legacy technology until it poses a threat to their business.

It’s time to leave your legacy behind if you’re running into these issues:

  • Your business has trouble hiring and retaining legacy skills required to maintain your system and keep it functional
  • Your legacy technology no longer meets the evolving requirements of your business (flexibility and scalability aren’t supported, workflow inefficiencies, problems integrating with modern systems)
  • Your legacy platform is not real-time, requiring an overnight batch update, limiting your ability to offer online transactions and a true up-to-date, digital client experience  
  • Compliance becomes too difficult to maintain on your legacy technology
  • The underlying technology of your legacy platform is no longer supported

Legacy Support and Transition Team

Legacy Transition Team

We have project managers, business analysts, systems analysts, architects, infrastructure and application specialists, and other key resources that can cover all of the bases required in a re-platforming project. 

Our Process

We cover legacy migrations from end to end. We will analyze your business and technical requirements, search the market for the right solution (replace, integrate, enhance with new modules), implement and test the solution, integrate it with your other business systems, and support your new platform ongoing if required.  

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Benefits of Legacy App Modernization

Advantages of migrating away from legacy technology include:

Gain Access to Modern Functionality

Modern tools allow you to do more in terms of data mining, enhancing customer experience, leveraging AI and automation, mobile interfaces, and more. Leverage modern functionality for your business.

Access Regular Support and Updates

If you’re on legacy technology, you’re likely applying patches and update manually. Modern systems are supported by their vendor and will receive regular updates automatically.

Freeing Up Your Team's Time

Your team can finally focus on more strategic objectives without worrying about constantly maintaining a failing or restrictive system.

Integration Opportunities

Not only can you access increased functionality within your new platform, you can integrate additional tools and systems for enhanced efficiencies that aren’t possible from legacy systems.

Reduced Risk

Relying on an outdated system means you need resources that can update and support that system which gets increasingly difficult as the system ages. It can also pose challenges in disaster recovery planning.

Strategic Business Insight

Gain insights in your business workflow, processes, and customer behaviours with data mining and advanced business intelligence tools for continued improvements to core business functions.