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With so many mobile and desktop devices in a typical organization's inventory, it's vitally important that they are properly managed in order to ensure they are running optimally and efficiently while remaining in compliance with company policies.


What is Desktop & Mobile Device Management?

While they typically involve different tactics, desktop and mobile device management refer to the tracking, maintenance and optimization of all front-end devices within an organization. However, some vendors supply software that can manage all mobile and desktop hardware from one centralized source.

We offer comprehensive desktop and mobile management services designed to help your business stay in control of the many devices supporting your operations while ensuring they are fully optimized, compliant and used to their maximum efficiency.

From software and patch deployment and hardware maintenance to managing configuration settings, our expert team can help you gain peak ROI from your desktop and mobile devices.

Mobile Device Management Services

Whether mobile devices such as phones and tablets are owned by a company or an employee's personal device as part of a bring your own device (BYOD) policy, IT personnel must effectively secure and configure them.

Mobile management device vendors offer software solutions allowing system administrators to do exactly that. Our team can help you select and implement mobile device management (MDM) tools that will allow you to:

Enroll devices over the air
Configure device settings
Manage applications
Ensure security policies are followed
Track device assets

Mobile device management is an essential part of a successful business strategy, and our trusted team has the solutions you need to help support your company's goals.

Desktop Device Management Services

With the array of desktop and laptop devices found in most companies, having a strategy to maintain and update these computers is essential. Our team can help you to ensure that these vital components are monitored and maintained in good working order.

Our desktop management services include:

Installation and maintenance of hardware
Installation and setup of all peripherals including desk phone, keyboard, headsets and printers
Setup of laptop and work mobile device
Installation and deployment of software
Management of configuration and settings
Monitoring of performance and capacity
Management of security issues

We have the software tools and expertise to help you manage all of your company's desktop and mobile hardware in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

With our desktop & mobile device management services, you'll gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that all of your organizational devices are working to help you meet your business objectives.

To learn how our device management services can be put to work for you, contact us.

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