Cloud assessments get your organization cloud-ready before migrating to avoid any hurdles.

Is Your Business Ready For The Cloud?

While many understand the benefits that come with a cloud-based delivery of technology services, it is vital to know beforehand both your organizational suitability for cloud services and at what stage your readiness is.

With Cloud Assessment Services, you can:

✔  Get a cloud readiness report that details what impact moving to the cloud will have on your other systems

✔  Review select cloud vendors in areas of security, features, and fit to your business

✔  Review your organization structure and processes to identify any key areas of improvement

✔  Assess your Disaster Recovery strategy and Cybersecurity measures to ensure your business and customers data is safe

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Types of Cloud Assessments

Vendor Assessments and Cloud Security Assessments

We can conduct assessments of potential cloud vendors to determine their suitability to provide services in line with your needs. Some of the key factors to consider include:

  • Regulatory compliance, determining whether the supplier is either compliant with necessary regulatory requirements or is willing to undergo necessary audits to become compliant
  • Data integrity, ensuring that a prospective vendor properly segregates their data in dedicated hosting setups
  • Data recovery services: does the vendor have the capability of restoring information in the event of an outage?
  • Cloud data security assessments, determining whether or not your data is secure and the risk of loss is minimized
  • Monitoring capability: do they offer robust monitoring, reporting and ability to investigate issues?

Technology Assessment

We will work to understand your existing infrastructure and determine what your technical requirements are. Some of the factors we take into account include:

  • Existing usage patterns to anticipate what type of cloud-based resources you require
  • Determine the cost to move services
  • Work on migration timeframes
  • Identify the pros and cons of moving services to the cloud and help you decide if certain operations should remain on-site
  • Examining security-specific requirements during the cloud security assessment

Service Analysis

There are many cloud services available, and determining which ones are optimal for your needs is essential. As part of our cloud assessment services, we can help you select among the various options by both features and cost point.

Process Impact

During a cloud assessment, we can study your current processes and help you figure out the potential impact a move to the cloud may have. Change can be difficult for organizations, and it is imperative they understand how such a move may affect your operations.

Cloud Assessment Services

Detailed Insight Enables Better Decision-Making
We can conduct cloud analysis (including a cloud security assessment) of your business and potential vendors to help you determine which services are ideally suited for cloud delivery versus those you should handle onsite. We will advise you in selecting services among the numerous cloud options and guide you towards setting up your IT environment.

Multi-Pronged Approach to Cover All Bases
Our cloud assessment services operate on several fronts, from examining suitable vendors to analyzing your current technology and processes to determine what sort of an impact moving to the cloud will have on your organization.

Cloud Security Assessment
Cloud Assessment

Why a Cloud Assessment?

Each business has its own IT environment that it depends upon to function at peak performance. Conducting a thorough IT assessment means you’ll have your entire system analyzed and evaluated with written recommendations made to help apprise you of the state of your technology.

The ultimate goal of an IT assessment is to identify areas in need of improvement in regard to your IT team, infrastructure, applications, processes, and available resources.

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Benefits of Cloud Assessments and Cloud Security Assessments

Assessing your business, cloud vendors, and dependencies can have major benefits and cloud cost savings for your organization:

Cloud Security Assessments Reduce Risk

With cloud security reviews and assessments, you’ll have a view into any possible vulnerabilities

Integrations Between Apps and Infrastructure

With cloud assessments you’ll get action items on replacing, upgrading, or modernizing existing tools to integrate with your new cloud environment

Gain Efficiencies

Cloud assessments can lead to more productive team structures

Accelerate Cloud Migrations

Cloud assessments allow your team to identify and overcome barriers to success

Save Money

Find valuable savings with cloud assessments and cloud vendor management through optimizations

Disaster Recovery That Works

Disaster recovery testing gives you confidence that if the worst should happen, your business can recover


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