Non-profit organizations each have their unique technology and process requirements yet face financial pressures that commercial entities lack. For that reason, they require IT solutions that are as cost-effective as possible while being robust enough to handle their day to day operations.

We have a broad range of experience in providing IT services and solutions to non-profit organizations, helping them to implement and manage the technological solutions they need to allow them to reach their goals without being cost-prohibitive.


Our IT Services for Non-Profit Organizations

Our fully-certified IT consultants are available to help organizations through a variety of specialized services and solutions tailored to their particular needs. These services include:

Virtual CIO and IT Budgeting

A Virtual CIO provides the benefits of a Chief Information Officer without the associated salary cost. Included in these services are annual IT budgeting and forecasting consulting, helping non-profits plan their IT spends efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible.

IT Procurement and Asset Management

We help non-profits get major discounts or free hardware and software by sourcing from TechSoup. Since they have different guidelines and rules than regular tech suppliers we help your organization pick and pay for the devices and applications on a custom timeline. Once acquired, we help you roll out the new technology and implement it within your organization.

Non-Profit Application Selection and Support

Our senior IT consultants can guide you through the entire process of package selection, implementation, and ongoing support of non-profit and fundraising applications.

Managed IT Services

Managed services allow organizations to outsource their technology operations to the experts, reducing the need for dedicated IT staff. Our services include infrastructure and application management, bilingual helpdesk support, asset management and the administration of desktop and mobile devices.

Business Process Optimization

We analyze your organization's processes and recommend improvements to help increase efficiency and productivity.

Change Process Management

We can help your organization proactively manage technology upgrades and changes to ensure efficient rollouts with minimal losses of productivity.


Our IT services and consulting solutions for non-profit organizations and other industries are designed to help support your operations and guide you through the complexities of today's technology. To learn how your organization can benefit, contact us.


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