We supply mid-sized businesses with the skills they need to grow, manage risk, and plan for future technology needs.

Does Your Mid-Sized Business Need Right-Sized Help?

Being in the position of often needing enterprise-level technology and processes with a much smaller team and budget can make managing IT challenging for mid-sized organizations. We have a large arsenal of seasoned IT experts ready to assist you. 

Our IT experts can help with:

✔ Getting IT and business projects on track with the right skills to accelerate delivery

✔ Reducing business risk through IT security, disaster recovery, and governance and compliance services

✔ IT Strategy planning including technology roadmaps, technology and organizational assessments, and project guidance

✔ Managing your applications and infrastructure through remote and onsite support

✔ Enabling more responsive IT that can keep up with business demand

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IT Solutions for Mid-Sized Business

Mid-Sized IT Consulting

Mid-Sized IT Consulting

You need an IT Partner you can trust to assess your business and technology requirements, delivering expert guidance on each aspect of your IT environment.

IT Project Delivery
We have an experienced team of project managers, business analysts, architects, developers, and specialists capable of leading and contributing to large projects.

IT Assessments
We cover a wide spectrum of IT assessments that take a deep dive into your technology, processes, and structures to provide insight and recommendations into valuable improvements for your company. 

IT Strategy
A forward-looking IT strategy that is linked to your business goals is a vital piece of your overall business strategy. We can work with your team to create and IT strategy that includes a technology roadmap, updated organizational structures, roles and responsibilities, detailed processes, and a holistic design of IT.

Managing Risk for Mid-Sized Organizations

Managing risk is a key responsibility of the IT leadership team in mid-sized organizations. We can assist you in safeguarding critical systems with security tools and processes and proven disaster recovery strategies. 

IT Security
Our team can assess your technology and current security protocols to highlight any vulnerabilities. We’ll produce a roadmap to shoring up your environment and help you execute key items if you don’t have the resources in-house to pursue them. 

Disaster Recovery
We assist organizations with crafting comprehensive Disaster Recovery plans that include assessing current capabilities, gap analysis, setting recovery time objectives, building DR manuals and assembling critical response teams.

Managed Services for Mid-Sized Business

Managed Services for Mid-Sized Business

With a growing workforce, you need an IT Partner you can trust to manage your technology to predictable levels, keeping your team productive and able to focus on the strategic aspects of your business. 

Infrastructure and Application Management
We manage infrastructure and applications for many mid-sized businesses through a mix of remote and onsite support.

Bilingual IT Support Helpdesk
Our service centre is fully bilingual and covers most North American time zones. We leverage proactive monitoring and modern processes and tools to track and quickly resolve issues.

IT Asset Management
We manage assets straight from procurement, through their lifecycle to disposition.

IT Staffing Solutions

We are equipped to help mid-size companies fill temporary and longer-term gaps in their team. When you need key resources – we can help.

Staff Augmentation
Our consultants can lend their expertise to your team for a set duration to accelerate projects, fill skills gaps, support IT operations, provide leadership, and fill other requirements.

IT Recruiting
When you need a permanent addition, we can search the market for the right candidate for your team. We’ll leverage our wide network of IT professionals to contact possible matches, pre-screen them, set up interviews, and connect you with qualified candidates.

Mid-size IT Staffing
Midsize IT Services

Development and Cloud Services

If your business requires development or cloud services, we cover both areas. Our developers are experienced in many programming languages, frameworks, and platforms.

Custom Software Development and Integrations
We design and develop custom apps for many different platforms. We develop integrations between core business systems. Whether you’re looking to upgrade an existing app, configure a custom-off-the-shelf app, or have something built from scratch – we have the skills to help you achieve your goals.

Cloud Migrations 
If your business is looking to migrate functions to the cloud, we can craft a comprehensive migration strategy including, business impact analysis, best practices for deployment, a skilled migration team, and thorough testing.

Benefits of Mid-Sized Business IT Solutions

Getting IT solutions that are catered to your size and type of business has enormous benefits including:

Gained Efficiencies

We can quickly decipher what changes can be made to technology and processes for improved efficiencies.

One Partner Solution

If you outsource IT to one partner, you save time spent managing multiple vendors or hiring, training, and managing in-house resources.

Freeing Up Your Team's Time

Your team can focus on strategic objectives around growing the business with the guidance they need to follow best practices.

Unhindered Growth

We eliminate barriers to growth by providing the expertise, resources, and knowledge to build out locations, add new users, and expand your IT footprint to meet business objectives.

Access to a Full Range of IT Services

Full-service IT means we have the skills to accomplish tasks that require niche skills or experience without going to market to hire for them.

Strategic Growth Insight

Approach growth with technology roadmaps, IT security best practices, asset procurement and management, and CIO level guidance.

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