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Safeguard your business with tailored managed security services that monitor, detect, and respond to the most dangerous cyber threats.

Cyber Threats Continue to Get More Sophisticated. Are Your Defences Keeping Up?

Get protection for your entire company at every level through expert managed security services. 

Why Choose Resolute for Managed Security Services?

Accelerate response times and mitigation speeds with a large team of security resources at the ready

Prevent emerging threats through timely and proactive patching, upgrades, and policy changes 

Uncover and remediate vulnerabilities through internal and external scanning of technical systems

Provide secure device management through endpoint device response, vulnerability management, and extensive real-time logging and reporting

Offers timely event management through a 24x7x365 Security Operations Centre (SOC) 

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What Local Businesses Say About Our Managed Security Services

“We are very fortunate to have established a business relationship with Resolute Technology Solutions. They have helped us with a wide variety of IT initiatives. Projects have ranged from assisting us in the development of our long-term IT strategy to helping us address our more immediate IT needs. In every instance, Resolute has exceeded our expectations by providing dedicated, professional and knowledgeable staff.”

David Asseltine – Senior VP, Finance & CRO, Teachers’ Retirement Allowances Fund 

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What You Gain With Our Managed Security Services

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) offer flexible packages and standalone MSSP services. Managed IT security can be tailored to meet your specific business needs and requirements.  

Find out which managed security solutions best fit your environment, budget, and risk tolerance.  

Vulnerability Management Service (VMS) 

Vulnerability Management Services (VMS) enable companies to identify and prioritize risks to business in real-time through automated scans for network-connected on-premise, hybrid, and cloud assets.

VMS services extend to: 

  • Internal and external vulnerability assessments and scans 
  • Customized risk-rating reports that prioritize findings by risk to business and difficulty to remediate 
  • Continuous security reviews for ongoing coverage and security posture improvement 

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) 

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a comprehensive 24x7x365 managed security service to detect and respond to cyber threats that could put your critical infrastructure at risk.  

Leverage MDR services to gain access to: 

  • Exhaustive log collection and retention to uncover intrusions 
  • Active tuning of security rules and regular security reviews to improve security posture 
  • Advanced threat detection, alerting, and intelligence 
  • Expert remediation and management of detected threats 

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) 

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is a comprehensive 24x7x365 managed security service to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats that target endpoint devices such as laptops, desktops, phones, and other workplace technology.  

Our industry-leading EDR includes: 

  • Exhaustive log collection and retention to uncover intrusions 
  • Automated threat hunt initiation for  
    incident detection 
  • Access to a 24x7 SOCs for threat monitoring and analysis 
  • Machine learning features to detect and prevent signature-less malware 
  • Security experts assist with incident response, remediation, and go-forward guidance 

Managed Firewall

Firewalls require regular maintenance, patching and monitoring to remain effective. As a core piece of network security, firewalls keep many of the most dangerous threats from intruding into your business network.

Leverage our Managed Firewall Services to access:

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Network analysis
  • Active management of policies, patches, and updates
  • Expert guidance on firewall rules, replacements, and migrations

Incident Response Planning as part of Managed Security

Our team is prepared to act immediately to respond and contain events as they occur. MSSP Security experts work hand-in-hand with remediation teams to mitigate and resolve cyber threats before they can impact your business. 

If you don’t currently have an incident response plan in place or the resources to lead the charge, we can help. 

Security Policies 

Policies help dictate how your organization will manage and protect hardware, software, and data. Through our cyber security consulting, we help businesses develop policies that fit their organization.

Partners We Work With to Deliver Managed Security Services

Combat Rising Cybersecurity Threats with a Managed Security Service

With the number and sophistication of cyber threats increasing and the complexity of supporting users both in the office and working remotely – it has never been more important to protect your business.  

MSPs + MSSPs for Increased Protection

With a Managed Services Provider and Managed Security Services Provider working behind the scenes – you can rest easy knowing your critical infrastructure, every endpoint, and IT operations are closely monitored and have teams standing by to respond to events should they occur. 

Trusted Managed Security Service Provider

It can be difficult for many businesses to hire and retain cybersecurity talent in-house. With a Managed Security Services provider, there are security experts ready to provide guidance at every stage of your cybersecurity journey. From vulnerability assessments to remediation and ongoing protection, to policy creation, and incident response planning – we have you covered.  

Managed Security Service

Partner With Top Managed Security Service Providers

Cyber security is an evolving area, and it is beneficial to have a trusted partner to navigate the complexities of protecting IT operations. When evaluating partners, you will see why Resolute and Nuspire come out as top managed security service providers 

Protect Office and Remote Workers with Managed Security Services

Managed security services ensure that tools, resources, and processes are in place to safeguard business technology, data, and operations.  

Learn how partnering with a Managed Security Provider can help your business align security to best practices and industry frameworks.

Find out how a MSSP can mitigate and manage risk today.

Benefits of Managed Security Services

The benefits of managed security services can set businesses apart from their competition. With responsive threat management, reduced barriers to growth, and better support for remote teams – you company can scale up unhindered by threats that may slow down other businesses in the same space. 

24x7x365 MSSP Security Protection

Managed IT Security Services run around the clock, every day of the week so your business is always protected.

Fast and Automated Detection and Response

With MSSP cyber security, businesses benefit from machine powered automated detection and proven playbooks for experts to quickly resolve and remediate threats.

Advanced Threat Intelligence

With comprehensive monitoring and analysis, businesses get rich detailed information about the threats facing their business and how it aligns to their risk profile.

Unhindered Growth

Beyond the reputational and financial damage cyber threats cause, they also greatly hinder productivity and growth. Managed Cyber Security Services ensure that does not happen.

Safeguard Hybrid and Remote

With remote work, there are additional geographically distributed endpoints that each pose a risk to your business. Managed Security Providers ensure every device is secured.

Reduce Burden of In-House Cyber Security

Due to skill scarcity and high demand, cyber security talent can be difficult to hire, train, and retain in-house. Gain access to a team who regularly triage threats, improve security, and harden processes.

Stop IT Issues from Holding Your Business Back from Growth

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