Fill gaps in your team with IT candidates that fit your business.

Are you struggling to fill specific IT roles at your company?

We have extensive expertise filling roles across several IT specialties, and we use our own experience in IT to vet any candidates we send your way.

Our IT Recruitment Services Include:

✔  Searching the market for talent that fits your needs

✔  Re-writing job descriptions

✔  Pre-screening and interviewing candidates

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Our IT Recruiting Services

Talent Search

Rather than putting up a job opening on your website or paying to put one up on a job listing site; we actively search the market for top talent and reach out to those who seem like they would be a good fit for your business and the role you are hiring for. The majority of the talent pool are actually passive candidates who are likely open to new opportunities but don’t actively comb the web for them. When doing a talent search, we contact our active network of engaged IT professionals to see if any of them are a fit. We do a deep dive on specific skills and characteristics you’re looking for and then bring the best candidates forward to you.

Assess Needs and Goals

From a technical standpoint, it can be very hard to define what the role looks like that you want to hire someone for. Many companies look for a very specific set of skills and experience that make it hard for candidates to apply and meet all their criteria. We can show you how to define hybrid roles and what that looks like. We’ll work with you to look at what needs you are trying to meet by hiring a new person and show you what the best way is to meet your goals.

Writing Accurate Job Descriptions

If your job description doesn’t make sense then you won’t attract the right candidates. The skill set your looking for may be too varied or vague to turn up the candidates you’re looking for.

With extensive knowledge of the IT candidate pool; we can offer guidance on what you can reasonably expect to hire for. We can also help make your job descriptions more engaging while remaining accurate to encourage more candidates to apply.

Pre-Screen and Interview Candidates on Your Behalf

By meeting with candidates beforehand, we ensure we’re bringing you not only the right skills but the right type of person for the role as well. We know the types of questions to ask to determine fit and have a lot of experience interviewing candidates for a wide range of IT and business roles. This saves your HR department and recruitment managers the time it would take to research, interview, and assess each candidate.

Organizational Structure Assessments

If you have high IT staff turnover or inefficiencies in your team it may have to do with the way it is structured. We can assess your current structure and make sure your people are in the right places and the right seats for them exist. This can mean clarifying career paths, revising roles, and aligning your staffing structure with your business goals and direction.

IT Recruiting

IT Recruiting

The Right Fit

As much as IT is about technology; it’s also about people. Finding the right people for your IT team can be difficult and time-consuming, especially if you’re not familiar with the specific skills or experience required to manage and maintain your systems or lead your projects.

We can help.

Experienced Recruiter

We offer a number of IT recruitment services that facilitate finding the right person to join your team. Our Senior Talent Recruitment Specialist has lots of experience in finding IT candidates that are the right fit for IT companies professionally and culturally.

Team Profiling and Organizational Structure Optimizations

We can also profile your team members to go beyond skills and experience. Personality profiling helps teams and candidates determine best workstyles and communication for themselves and those they work with.

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What Are the Benefits of IT Recruiting?

Our IT recruiting services finds you the talent you need and can help:

Reduce Hiring Time

With recruitment and staff aug, you can skip posting jobs, searching the market, and multiple interviews.

The Right Fit

Whether its a temporary contract or a permanent placement, we match you with experts who are the right fit for your business.

Leverage our Network of IT Professionals

We have a network of experts we work with and process for connecting you with the right one for your needs.

Reduce Churn

If you’re having trouble training and retaining IT staff, we can help

Access to a Full Range of IT Professionals

We have project managers, business analysts, architects, developers, network specialists, application specialists, and IT support staff - ready to assist you

Highly Qualified and Certified Project Leaders

Our resources are ready to jump in and get projects to the finish line

Flexibility to Ramp Up or Down

With staff aug, you can add resources for a specific duration to accelerate your work and then scale down when needed

Access Senior Expertise

Our Senior Talent have a lot of industry and project experience

Stop IT Issues from Holding Your Business Back from Growth

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