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Governance, risk, and compliance services to keep your business on the right path.

Does Your Business Adhere to Proper Governance Models?

Our governance, risk, and compliance services help businesses understand and mitigate their level of risk while meeting regulatory compliances.

We provide:

✔  Industry advice

✔  Risk Assessments

✔  Security Reviews

✔  Disaster Recovery Assessment and Planning

✔  Advice and guidance on achieving compliance

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IT Governance, Compliance, and Risk Management Services

As part of our suite of services, we can:

  • Industry Advice​
  • Risk Assessment​
  • Security Reviews​
  • Disaster Recovery Assessment and Planning​
  • Achieve Compliance​

Industry Advice​

Provide industry adherence advice:

Our consultants have a broad range of experience across multiple sectors, and we can provide advice and guidance on adherence to best practices. We will leverage our industry knowledge to help you ensure that your operations conform to standards and practices specific to your industry.

Risk Assessment​

Conduct a thorough risk assessment for your company:

Understanding your organization's risk exposure is a crucial step toward protecting yourself from both external and internal threats. Incidents of data breaches, data theft, and ransomware not only cost companies millions of dollars annually but leave them at risk of significant legal liability.

Security Reviews​

Conduct security reviews to outline any gaps in your IT environment protocols:

Whether your company is large or small, it is vital to undertake regular security reviews of your systems and processes to identify any areas that may put you at risk.

Disaster Recovery Assessment and Planning​

Ensure your recovery plan is effective in the case of disasters and for high-availability (daily backups if necessary):

Having a robust disaster recovery plan in place is key to maintaining business continuity. Not only will you ensure maximum uptime of your systems, but you will also protect yourself against potentially catastrophic and costly data loss.

Achieve Compliance​

Work with regulatory bodies to help you achieve compliance with any relevant required regulations:

Depending on your industry you may be subject to specific regulations that require strict adherence. Our consultants can help to ensure that your IT computing environment and processes adhere to mandatory laws and practices, and advise you on the best ways to proactively maintain necessary compliances.

Having a robust disaster recovery plan in place is key to maintaining business continuity. Not only will you ensure maximum uptime of your systems, but you will also protect yourself against potentially catastrophic and costly data loss.

IT Governance

Mitigate Your Risk and Meet Compliance
Our governance, risk, and compliance services are ready to help your business understand and mitigate its level of technology risk while ensuring it meets all necessary regulatory compliances. 

Diverse Experience in Various Levels of Governance
Our senior consultants have a lot of experience working with different organizations from financial services firms, to application developers, in specific industries that demand a level of regulation which exceeds that of other business areas.

IT governance services

Assess Your Risk

We can conduct thorough risk assessments and security reviews to highlight any problem areas that could leave you open to data breaches or loss. We can also provide ongoing industry adherence advice and work with various regulatory bodies to ensure your organization complies with the regulations specific to your industry.

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These services can assist you in navigating the complex waters of risk and compliance while helping you to create an IT governance model that works for your business. We’ll help to ensure that your technology operations are safe, secure and efficient.

To learn how our governance, risk and compliance services can work for you, contact us.

Benefits of IT Governance, Compliance, and Risk Management Planning

Improve Effectiveness of Current Governance

A robust governance program for your systems ensures the efficient and secure IT operations that are optimized to help you meet your business goals. Our governance consulting services ultimately seek to maximize the ROI on your technology and make sure it is as cost-effective and efficient as possible.

Identify and Manage Potential Risks Strategically

Many companies wait until a security breach to put risk management strategies in place. We can help you to put policies and procedures in place that will mitigate your risk and provide protection for the future.

Avoid Costs and Impacts of Unforeseen Risks

By undertaking risk assessments and putting proactive practices in place, you will avoid potentially damaging costs from legal liability as well as impacts to your business operations and reputation that result from a loss of data.

Save Time and Effort by Ensuring Your Organization Complies with Regulatory Requirements

Managing industry regulatory compliance can be challenging, especially when it comes to your technology. Our consultants will save you time and resources by helping you not only become compliant but by helping to ensure you remain in compliance with relevant regulations.