Cyber Security Assessment Services

Get an assessment of your current information security posture including a detailed report of key findings and recommended remediation activities.

Are There Vulnerabilities and Security Gaps in Your IT Environment That Can Put Your Business at Risk?

Our team leverages specialized tools, industry-leading software, and expertise to give businesses an accurate read of their IT security posture as well as recommendations to remediate risks. 

Our Security Assessment services cover:

Vulnerability assessment service including infrastructure scans, website scans, and firewall analysis

Practices and controls assessment using proven methodologies to review current processes and polices against best practices 

Aligning security findings to established frameworks such as ISO, NIST, or other regulatory bodies 

Gap analysis of current state against industry best practices with recommendation roadmap for remediation 

Assistance with remediation activities

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IT Security Assessment Services

Our IT security assessment services are designed to examine each aspect of your organization’s information technology environment including infrastructure, applications, connected devices, network security, processes, policies, and personnel susceptibility to cyber risks. 

Working With Cyber Security Assessment Companies 

A full cyber security assessment or IT security audit typically contains a subset of smaller assessments services to gather detailed information about technology within the environment as well as configurations, policies, and processes. 

Our IT Security Assessments can include the following components: 

  • Vulnerability Assessments 
  • Infrastructure Scan 
  • Website Scan 
  • Firewall Analysis 
  • Practices and Controls Assessments 
  • End User Security Awareness Assessment 
  • Penetration Test 
  • Interviews With Key Personnel 
  • Gap Analysis of Current State Against Best Practices 
  • Maturity Level Ranking Using Trusted Frameworks  

Cyber Security Risk Assessment Services

Beyond cyber security and evaluating existing security measures, our team advises businesses at a wider scope for security risk and risk management. If you’re looking for a full picture view into managing risk, we offer a security risk assessment. 

Our Risk Assessment Services include:

  • Reviewing Disaster Recovery Strategy and Business Continuity Plans 
  • Ensuring Proper Governance Structures are in Place for Data Security 
  • Testing Backup, Failover, and Other Systems for Resiliency and Redundancy 
  • Ensure Compliance and Privacy Are at the Fore Front of Your Technology 

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Cyber Security Consulting 

After a security or risk assessment, we can prioritize and work through the recommended cyber security remediation activities or provide actionable guidance for your team to remediate internally. 

Outside of security assessments and remediation activities, our managed services also provide cyber security consulting aligned to risk management with your IT and business strategies. Cyber threats are constantly evolving, and it can be beneficial to get advice on new security measures, processes, and trends to manage risk as you grow your business.  

IT Security Audit Services

IT security assessments are sometimes interchangeably called IT security audits. 

While IT security audits typically contain the same set of sub-services, they can refer to an audit done of security and support services provided by another third-party company rather than assessing the internal technology, processes, policies, and configurations of the company itself. 

Whether you are looking for an internal IT security assessment or an IT security audit of another IT support partner – we can help.  

Identify and Fix Vulnerabilities With Our IT Security Assessment Services

Practices and Controls Assessment 
Outside of the actual technology, an important aspect of the security assessment is examining processes, policies, and controls against best practices.  

Our team reviews documentation and interviews team members to assess areas such as inventory and control of hardware / software, administration privileges, maintenance, monitoring, and analysis of audit logs, review of malware defences, limits and controls on network ports, protocols, and more.

End User Security Awareness Assessment 
Our team uses manual and automated techniques to assess users’ overall security awareness and ability to spot and avoid cyber threats such as phishing and malware. This often includes a simulated phishing attempt to establish a baseline for security vulnerabilities from staff actions.  

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Our Vulnerability Assessment Services Will Help You Mitigate Risks

Our team has a set of specialized tools that can scan each aspect of your network security and IT environment. A security professional then compiles and reviews the result of the scans to highlight which vulnerabilities pose the largest threat to your business and evaluates the level of effort required to remediate. 

Scope of Vulnerability Scanning: 

  • Remote scans of infrastructure and websites 
  • Scans of network-connected devices include: 
  • Servers 
  • Workstations 
  • Laptops 
  • Other Network Devices 
  • Firewall configuration reviews 

Secure Data and Applications With One of the Top Security Assessment Companies

At Resolute, we conducted security assessments and consulted on cyber security strategies for growing, mid-size, and established large businesses and enterprises. If you are looking to get a comprehensive, well-documented report of your current security measures and gaps – we are the right partner for you.

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If you would like to find out what an IT security assessment, vulnerability assessment, or a practices and controls assessment looks like for your organization – contact us today.  

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Advantages of Security and Risk Assessment Services

By proactively seeking a security assessment, businesses can patch up holes in their security measures before they cause loss of productivity and reputational damage to their business. In addition to that, there are several other benefits that cyber security risk assessment companies can offer businesses. 

Reduce and Manage Risk

By identifying where there are gaps in your current security measures, it is easier to create a roadmap to manage these risks strategically.

Defined Budget

A security assessment allows businesses to pinpoint immediate items that need addressing leading to clarity around budget planning and costing.

Avoid Data Breaches

Security assessments and remediation helps avoid leaking internal, client, and partner data to malicious actors.

Meet Compliance

Our cyber security reviews can ensure you meet recognized compliance frameworks and regulatory bodies such as ISO 27001, NIST, and more.

Plan for the Future

The report that you receive after a security assessment can help your team plan and invest in cyber security measures over the coming years as part of an overall security strategy.

Certified Security Specialists

Our security team carries a wide range of security certifications and are qualified to assist organizations in a variety of industries.