We offer a full spectrum of IT services to meet the needs of manufacturing companies.

Is Your Technology Managed As Efficiently As Your Manufacturing?

Our IT services for manufacturing companies ensure that you have the technology support and guidance you need to move your business forward.


We support Manufacturing businesses with:

✔  Complete IT Outsourcing – we manage IT so you can focus on your business

✔ 24/7 Support for core business apps that your organization runs on

✔  Reduced risk – We follow best practices in IT security and disaster recovery to keep data and systems protected

✔  Scalable IT – our services scale with your business as it grows without the need for hiring and training

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Our IT Services for The Manufacturing Industry

Complete IT Outsourcing

Allow us to manage all technology for you with an IT outsourcing partnership. We can manage all infrastructure, custom and packaged applications, provide bilingual help desk tech support and effectively deliver IT projects. We will rollout and refresh hardware and software as needed and manage all of your assets to be as cost-effective as possible.

Custom App Support

Manufacturing companies often need specific custom apps to run their business and we have extensive experience supporting many of these types of applications. If you want to know if we have experience supporting a specific app, contact us!

Business Process Optimization

We can help you identify underperforming and suboptimal processes and make recommendations for improvements to help your company operate more efficiently.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Our team can put into place management strategies to ensure your technology and processes runs as optimally as possible, risk assessments to understand your organization's level of vulnerability, and industry compliance consulting to help you reach and maintain compliance with various mandated regulations.

CRM Support

We support platforms such as Salesforce both as a business platform and as a CRM. If you need work done with improvements to your CRM, we can help.

IT Staffing Augmentation

We offer IT staffing services to support your IT project delivery including project managers, business process management consultants, system architects and infrastructure specialists.

IT in Manufacturing

Manufacturing sector companies face a host of challenges affecting few other industries.

Manufacturing Industry Challenges
The frequent need for innovation and adaptability is amplified by strong economic pressures, resulting in the need for cost-effective and robust IT environments ready to meet today’s fast-paced changes head-on.

Get the Guidance You Need
Our IT services and solutions provide manufacturing companies with the guidance they need to acquire, develop and manage their technology so as to support their business goals.

IT in Manufacturing
IT Services for The Manufacturing Industry

IT Advice for Manufacturing Companies

We have experience delivering IT services to companies across a broad range of sectors, including manufacturing. We understand the complexities facing the industry and will work with you to design and implement solutions to meet your needs.

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From Manufacturing to Non-Profit IT, Resolute can address the IT needs of clients in a wide range of industries.

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