We shield systems from vulnerabilities by managing deployment of patches to operating systems, firmware or systems software.

Does Your Business Have the Skills To Maintain Active Patching?

Our patch management services provide the personnel, resources, and knowledge of the latest industry practices to ensure that your critical systems are always operating at peak efficiency in the most secure and stable way possible.

Our patch management services ensure:

✔  Your apps and hardware are kept updated to the right version​​​​​​​

✔  Your technology is protected from vulnerabilities

✔  Your team isn’t struggling to answer support queries from outdated systems

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Patch Management Services

There are so many sources of information available these days, some of it contradictory, so keeping abreast of security issues, vulnerabilities and patch availability is mandatory. Our team has the industry knowledge and expertise to safeguard your systems, understanding what, when and how to deploy these patches.

Our patch management team will work with your business to ensure that patches are applied in a timely manner based on existing patch release cycles in a timely manner while ensuring minimal business disruption.

Before a patch can be deployed, it should be tested in a controlled manner that doesn’t pose a risk to critical systems in the event of anomalies. Our team will work with your business to ensure appropriate testing is completed to ensure the patch deployment doesn’t impede system operations.

During the deployment phase, the patch will be installed in a consistent, organized and time-critical fashion taking care to avoid any interruption in system availability.

The team then conducts an audit of the installation to ensure that the patch has been successfully deployed.

Patch Management

Patch management is about applying the latest updates and system maintenance to your technology including operating systems, firmware or systems software.

Reduce Risk
Applying routine maintenance and updates regularly will help to ensure that systems can take advantage of the latest fixes and features as well as mitigating security risk with the latest updates to potential vulnerabilities. 

Data Protection
This will protect the confidentiality of your data and the integrity of your systems.

Vulnerabilities Threaten Business Security

Modern Threats Require Proactive Prevention
Gone are the days when IT professionals would install applications and let them run their course over the span of their lifecycles. With the increase of security concerns around viruses, ransomware, and other malware, proactive system maintenance has become a necessity.

Application, operating system and firmware patches need to be deployed properly and in a timely manner to ensure efficient and secure operation of all systems and to minimize any threats to business disruption.

Keep Critical Systems Secure

Our patch management services team will help to keep your critical systems up to date and securely operational.

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What Are the Benefits of Patch Management?

Benefits of Patch Management include:

Reduced Risk

By patching software and hardware, we will safeguard your technology from vulnerabilities

Better User Experience

Glitches while using unpatched technology can hamper the user experience

Quick Deployment

Our team is experienced at getting patching done promptly

Reduced Downtime

With patch management, we can reduce downtime you may otherwise experience

Access to a Full Range of IT Services

Access niche skills and expertise when you need it without hiring and training staff

Freeing Up Your Team's Time

With patching taken care of, your team can focus on the strategic aspects of your business

Stop IT Issues from Holding Your Business Back from Growth

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