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Effective management of your IT operations is essential for a successful enterprise. An experienced partner you can trust to provide IT infrastructure management services takes the burden off your shoulders, letting you deploy your resources toward meeting your business goals.

Our team of consultants provide proven infrastructure management solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you need onsite or remote help, we're ready to assist with support, monitoring and system maintenance of your computing infrastructure.


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    Helpdesk Support

    Time is money in business, and technical issues can quickly interfere with your company's bottom line.

    We offer service desk support for your IT needs across all Canadian time zones with bilingual availability. Unlike most other companies who simply open tickets and resolve the issue in time, our dedicated support team works on a tiered escalation system to provide as quick a resolution as possible.

    Our team provides problem resolution right at your fingertips. You'll have a single point to report issues which can be historically indexed and used for proactive problem prevention.

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    Proactive Infrastructure Managed Services

    We provide full infrastructure monitoring by using the latest tools to ensure that your systems achieve maximum uptime.

    Issues arising with servers, firewalls, backup devices and user desktops can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. In addition, our team provides proactive maintenance on equipment that requires attention regularly to ensure that they remain efficiently operational down the road.

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    Remote and Onsite Support

    Our consultants are able to provide infrastructure management support remotely or onsite depending on your operational needs.

    A technical specialist can be sent to your location to provide hands-on support when you need it. And our remote infrastructure management services give you all the benefits of systems monitoring and proactive maintenance offsite.

    In either case, we take advantage of efficient processes and tools to provide customized support services to troubleshoot and resolve your IT-related issues.

Advantages of Infrastructure Management Services

Companies large and small are choosing to outsource their infrastructure services. Whether it's because they lack the resources to do so on their own or see it as an efficient investment, businesses recognize that having a trusted hand at the tiller is a wise choice.

When you partner with Resolute, you'll reap the advantages that our IT managed services bring.

  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance allow you to fix problems before they arise
  • Maximize system uptime
  • Service desk support lets you resolve technical issues quickly and efficiently
  • Leverage the latest processes and tools for dynamic IT support
  • Choose which services to access remotely and which ones to be supported onsite
  • Augment your existing resources with skillsets to focus on meeting your business goals
  • Brings a breadth of IT-specific expertise to your company that you may be lacking


Partnering with our team to handle your infrastructure management delivers a cost-effective, scalable and completely customizable solution with the benefit of a single service provider.

To learn how our team of experts can help your business run more efficiently, contact us.

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