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Does Your Small Business Struggle With IT?

Small businesses can often struggle to hire, train, and retain the right IT talent to keep their technology up-to-date. Our services for small and growing businesses are designed to make life simple for business owners who don’t want to manage IT themselves. 

Our IT services for small businesses can help by:

✔  Taking IT off your hands and delivering a predictable monthly cost so you can focus on your business

✔ Reducing disruptions to your business by upgrading old technology and moving away from the break/fix support model

✔  Providing a single point of contact for faster IT support and a consistent response and resolution time

✔  Ensuring your systems and data are secure and backed up

✔  Leveraging the power of cloud infrastructure and apps for your business

✔  Save time otherwise spent hiring, training, and managing multiple vendors

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IT Solutions for Growing Business

IT Outsourcing Solutions for Small Business

As a small business, it doesn’t always make sense cost-wise to staff a full IT team, but you may still have urgent IT needs to address. 

Scalable Support and Services
By outsourcing IT, you get the support you need when you need it without paying salaries for in-house resources. We can also scale up or down services as needed so you’re never paying for more than what you need.

Predictable Budgeting and Service Levels
With Service Level Agreements and a Managed Services partnership, you’ll have predictable monthly costs and confidence in support levels meeting your business requirements.

Cloud for Small Business

Whether you are investigating migrating certain functions to the cloud or want to see what new cloud apps or features you can leverage, we can help.

Cloud Assessment and Migration
We can assess your business, current technology, and requirements to see if the cloud is a good fit for your business. 

Office365 Suite for Small Business
Microsoft’s Office365 is a powerful app suite with productivity, collaboration, and file-sharing tools. We can help move you from your on-prem set-up to access license-based Office365.

Cloud Support and Backups
Although the cloud cuts down on maintenance required, cloud support enables administration of users, enabling new features, and configuring your apps to your specific needs. We can also ensure your critical data backs up to the cloud.

Cloud for Small Business

IT Security for Small Business

It can be difficult to keep small business technology secure from cyber threats. It takes a deep skill set in IT security best practices and the time to update, patch, and train users on what to avoid.

Assess Your Risk Level
We can conduct a flat-rate vulnerability assessment to identify any security gaps in your current environment. We’ll scan your infrastructure and all connected devices, websites, firewall configuration, and current processes for vulnerabilities.

Security Awareness Training
We can set up a security awareness training program for your team to teach them how to identify and avoid phishing attempts, ransomware, and other cyber threats.

Benefits of IT Services for Small Business

With IT covered for small businesses, you’ll be able to leverage these advantages:

Gained Efficiencies

We can quickly decipher what changes can be made to technology and processes for improved efficiencies.

One Partner Solution

If you outsource IT to one partner, you save time spent managing multiple vendors or hiring, training, and managing in-house resources.

Freeing Up Your Team's Time

Your team can focus on strategic objectives around growing the business with the guidance they need to follow best practices.

Unhindered Growth

We eliminate barriers to growth by providing the expertise, resources, and knowledge to build out locations, add new users, and expand your IT footprint to meet business objectives.

Access to a Full Range of IT Services

Full-service IT means we have the skills to accomplish tasks that require niche skills or experience without going to market to hire for them.

Strategic Growth Insight

Approach growth with technology roadmaps, IT security best practices, asset procurement and management, and CIO level guidance.

Stop IT Issues from Holding Your Business Back from Growth

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