Our team is experienced in working with insurance technology and processes.

Looking For a Partner That Understands Insurance Technology?

Our fully-certified consultants work to understand each business’ pressures and leverage their insurance industry experience to deliver IT services and solutions tailored to the challenges unique to this sector.

Our IT services for insurance covers:

✔  Crafting IT strategies aligned to insurance business objectives

✔  Implementing self-service portals

✔  Selecting, configuring, and implementing insurance platforms to process claims, manage policies, and handle billing

✔  Developing custom FNOL mobile apps 

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IT Services for The Insurance Industry

Insurance Software and Systems Set-up

We have a lot of experience with all aspects of the Guidewire InsuranceSuite. For property and casualty insurance companies, we can lead you through the process of selection, configuration, implementation of the Guidewire ClaimsCenter and PolicyCenter. We’ve also helped insurance companies implement self-service portals.

Business Process Design

We will review your current business process, assess impact of change required as a result of new system or upgrade, and design a new process to align and/or leverage new technology

Industry Compliance Consulting

Our senior IT and business consultants help ensure that you fully adhere to relevant industry regulations and best practices.

Risk Assessments

We can undertake complete risk assessments of your organization and help implement ways to increase your security proactively and mitigate potential vulnerabilities.

IT Governance

We ensure that your IT systems and processes have the appropriate levels of governance and aligns with your organizational goals.

 Self-Service Portal

Today’s customers expect a personalized and premium experience. Instead of having them visit your location, manually enter data and wait, you can have them enrol into your services with a fast and convenient self-service portal.

We will develop your self-service portal and ensure that it meets your client experience, cybersecurity and compliance requirements. You can get a self-service portal through your website, a mobile responsive version of your website and/or a mobile application.

IT in Insurance

With the insurance industry facing mounting financial pressures while collecting an ever-expanding pool of data, it is vital that companies have cost-effective technology support allowing them to keep pace with changes in the marketplace.

Compliance in the Insurance Industry
With regulatory compliance requirements and practices to follow, insurance industry organizations have specific needs when it comes to their IT environment. 

Insurance IT services

Benefit From Industry-Specific Expertise

Our IT services can help your insurance organization experience the benefits that come with having highly-experienced and specialized senior IT professionals leading projects, designing processes and supporting your needs

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