Active monitoring of your systems to respond to events is vital to an optimized and effective computing environment.

Are You Struggling With Break-Fix Style IT?

We offer proactive event management services designed to ensure your computing environment is available when you need it, safeguarding your mission-critical data and applications from potential losses.

For our managed services client, we:

✔  Monitor systems and set up alerts when they exceed thresholds

✔  Investigate any issues that are caught in the report

✔  Use diagnostic tools to discover what underlying issues are causing the problems

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Proactive Event Management Services

We establish thresholds for key resources (e.g. disk space, memory, network bandwidth, etc.) and utilize a robust monitoring and alert system to notify our technicians when those thresholds are exceeded.

Event investigation involves analyzing the cause of an alert going off and determining whether action needs to be taken. If none is needed or the event is benign, we can update our monitoring tools accordingly.

The suite of diagnostic tools at our disposal enable us to quickly investigate the alert and get to the root of any potential problem often  resolving it before it escalates into a critical issue.

In rare scenarios, the alert may mean that we may need to enact recovery procedures to restore or repair systems to resume normal system operations.

Regular preventative maintenance can help resolve existing issues and address potential future issues proactively, negating or minimizing the impact of any future event.

Proactive Event Management

The ability to detect and prevent issues before they occur or to respond quickly to investigate and correct faults is an essential part of maximizing your system’s uptime.

Reduce Resolution Times Through Proactive Prevention
Prevention is always preferable to repair, and taking the time to proactively monitor and maintain systems reduces the number and severity of issues.

Maximize System Availability
While the ultimate goal of proactive event management is to stop issues from occurring, it can also reduce the amount of time required to resolve them while helping to maximize system availability.

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Take the Path to Proactive Management

Our proactive event management services help you to maximize your system availability while mitigating the risks inherent in any computing environment.

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What Are the Benefits of Proactive Management?

With proactive management, you will see these benefits:

Proactive Monitoring

Prevent future issues though remote monitoring and maintenance

Freeing Up Your Team's Time

Let us manage this day-to-day support so you can focus on strategic elements

Save Money with Remote Support

Save the time and expense of having to travel to multiple locations to manage physical hardware

After Hours’ Support

We have resources on call and working different time zones to support your business outside of regular hours

Reduced Interruption to Business

Preventative maintenance means we catch problem areas before they become full blown issues

Ensure Optimal Operations

Monitoring CPU health to ensure optimal operation of computing resources


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