Managed Detection and Response Services

Stop cyber threats in their tracks with Managed Detection and Response services. 

Is Your Business Equipped with Cyber Security Monitoring That Can Identify and Contain Threats in Real-Time?

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a core component of a successful Managed Security package. MDR services ensure that tools and security experts can stop cyber threats before they impact your business. 

Robust Managed Detection solutions ensure:

In-office, hybrid, and remote business activities are protected in the cloud, business networks, and at each endpoint 

Businesses have around the clock protection with 24x7x365 cyber threat monitoring and rapid incident response

Threats and vulnerabilities are identified and remediated proactively before they can damage your business

Managed threat detection and response is fast, continuous, and includes real-time incident validation

MDR services are backed by a team of expert Security Operations Centre (SOC) analysts that can quickly execute remediation activities prior to a breach

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MDR Services

What are MDR services? MDR ensures IT infrastructure is properly monitored for cyber threats that could disrupt your business. MDR providers expedite how quickly threats are identified and contained with continuous monitoring, real-time analysis and incident validation, and SOC analysts ready to remediate attacks before they impact your business. 

Managed Detection and Response 

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a comprehensive service that growing, mid-size, and enterprise companies leverage to improve and accelerate detection, response, and remediation of cyber threats that pose a risk to the business. 

Managed Detection and Response services include: 

  • 24x7x365 monitoring of core infrastructure and response by security experts 
  • Continuous threat detection with remediation for detected threats 
  • Security reviews and ongoing tuning of rules, policies, and processes for enhanced security posture 
  • Expansive log collection and retention for analysis  

Managed Detection Response as part of Managed Security Services 

While Managed Detection Response plays a vital role in Managed Security Services, it is just one piece of a well-rounded cyber security program. 

In addition to Managed Detection, companies should also consider: 

  • Endpoint Detection and Response 
  • Vulnerability Management 
  • Managed Firewalls 
  • Security Assessments and Roadmaps 
  • Security Policies 
  • Incident Response 

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

Every endpoint in an organization acts as a potential entry point for attackers. With remote working and a distributed workforce, it can be more difficult to ensure all endpoints are properly monitored and safeguarded from threats.  

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Services cover: 

  • Remote endpoint protection and agent deployment 
  • Active file and policy management  
  • 24x7x365 threat monitoring on all endpoints 
  • Expert guidance for incident response, remediation, and ongoing security posture improvement 
  • Leveraging machine learning to detect and prevent sophisticated attacks that evade other levels of protection 

MDR Managed Detection and Response Providers

Managed Detection is a quickly expanding market with a number of options to pick from. If cyber security isn’t your primary business, it can be hard to differentiate and select the right company to meet your needs. 


What You Can Expect from Top MDR Providers: 

  • Managed Detection that spans all critical infrastructure, endpoints, and cloud environments 
  • Advanced threat intelligence and threat hunting 
  • Accelerated detection and response times for all manner of cyber threats 
  • MDR Managed Detection and Response plans tailored to your business 

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MDR Cyber Security 

MDR Cyber Security is a growing area of investment for growing, midsize, and enterprise businesses. Cyber security talent proves increasingly difficult to hire and retain in-house, making MDR providers an attractive solution.  

Statistics for MDR Cyber Security investment: 

  • External Partners: “53% of SMBs rely on external partners, including MDR, to close their threat detection and response gaps.” Source 
  • Managed Detection and Response Gartner: Gartner predicts that by 2025, 50% of organizations will use MDR services for threat monitoring, detection and response functions that offer threat containment and mitigation capabilities. Source 
  • MDR Companies: “38% of SMBs report that they plan to implement managed detection and response in the next 12 months.” Source 

Partners We Work With to Deliver Managed Detection and Response Services

Managed Detection and Response Gartner

In Gartner’s Top 2022 Cybersecurity Trends, attack surface expansion is listed as the number one trend.   

Managed Detection and Response Gartner 
Gartner recommends security leaders look beyond traditional approaches to security monitoring, detection and response to manage a wider set of risks. This is where Managed Detection Response services come into play. 

MDR Companies as listed by Gartner 
Nuspire, a leading managed security services provider (MSSP), has been named a Representative Vendor in the 2022 Gartner Market Guide for Managed Security Services (MSS). Resolute partners with Nuspire to deliver award-winning Managed Security and Managed IT services for comprehensive IT partnerships. 

managed detection response

How We Deliver Managed Threat Detection and Response Services

We partner with Nuspire to deliver a well-rounded approach to Managed Security Services as well as traditional Managed IT Services.  

Approach to Managed Detection and Response services: 

  1. Collect company data to configure targeted alerting 
  2. Customize runbooks and alert framework to facilitate proactive detection and response 
  3. Engage continuous monitoring to identify, respond and escalate security incidents before they impact your business 

How to Pick a MDR Service Provider

MDR service providers range greatly in terms of cost, capabilities, and delivery of services. When looking to select a partner for managed threat detection, determine budget and what aspects are most important to your business. Key areas to look at can include industry experience, proven response, detection, and remediation times, size and number of SOCs, and more.

MDR Providers You Can Trust  
Top MDR providers will be able to share detailed metrics and case studies with you to verify that they are the right company to safeguard your business. 

Benefits of Managed Detection and Response Services

Benefits of MDR services are far-reaching including better risk management, reduction in less efficient security tools, and increased focus for internal teams. 

Accelerated Response and Remediation

Select data points are set up for alerts aligned to your business. When alerted, experts leverage custom runbooks to determine scope of response and remediation.

24x7x365 Managed Threat Detection Monitoring

Top MDR providers ensure monitoring and response teams are continuously scanning environments for potential threats.

MDR Allows for Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurers often look for 24/7 detection as a prerequisite for cyber insurance.

Secure Cloud and On-Premise

Managed threat detection and response goes beyond traditional security layers and can better protect cloud environments.

Powered by Machine Learning

Machine Learning powered alert systems identify and quarantine advanced threats that can be difficult to catch through manual analysis.

Limit Cyber Threat Damage

MDR Managed Detection and Response leverages critical early detection systems to reduce impact from threats.

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