Solutions designed to solve short term and long term IT staffing challenges.

Do you run into troubles hiring, training, or having enough staff to tackle projects?

Resolute is an industry leader in providing IT staffing services & solutions geared toward supplying you with top shelf talent. We have highly-trained, certified and expert personnel your business requires to help you meet your operational goals.

We can help:

  • Augment your team with hey resources for short or long durations
  • Recruit candidates to fill permanent positions on your team
  • Provide manager and director level consultants to lead your team while you hire
  • Assess your organization structure to outline changes that can increase efficiencies and provide clear career paths for employees
  • Cover projects that your team is too busy or lacks the skills to take

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Our IT Staffing Services & Solutions

IT Staffing Augmentation

Resolute can boost your current IT personnel with a wide range of professional skill sets designed to help augment your current IT operations. Our staffing augmentation solutions can provide both short-term and long-term assistance to meet your needs.

Our IT Staffing augmentation services include:

Project managers: Fully certified experts who can help manage your projects and ensure on time delivery. When you need personnel you can trust to drive your project to completion, our project managers are ready to provide the leadership to get the job done.

Systems architects: Our systems architect experts can help you to evaluate your overall technology environment (applications and infrastructure) and help you design and implement solutions geared toward taking your business to the next level. They'll work with you to ensure your IT infrastructure runs efficiently and effectively.

Business operations personnel: Whether it's operational level IT management you're looking for, or IT personnel to support an existing team, we have the personnel who can support your operations to the fullest including business analysts, systems analysts, and developers.

IT Recruiting

We have extensive expertise filling roles across several IT specialties, and we use our own experience in IT to vet any candidates we send your way. We can help you find the right IT professional for your business quickly, without taking up your team’s time.

Our talent acquisition specialist can help you:

  • Search the market for talent
  • Assess needs and goals
  • Re-write job descriptions based on business requirements
  • Pre-screen and interview candidates on your behalf
  • Conduct an organizational structure assessment

IT Outsourcing Solutions

For full IT management, we have the resources to be your one-stop destination for all of your technology needs. We have the experts on hand to take charge of your IT requirements, allowing you to focus your time and energy on growing your business.

For a completely customized IT operation, trust Resolute to provide the staffing resources that will take charge of your technology environment and navigate you through any IT hurdles.

Our IT outsourcing solutions give you the peace of mind your business needs by providing the following resources:

We have the talent available to provide support for your IT operational needs, with the necessary skill sets, in whatever area of expertise you are missing crucial elements for.

IT Staffing

Short Term and Long Term Solutions
Whether your business needs an augmentation of your current staffing levels, or a complete IT staffing solution, we have the resources to support your technology operations. 

Senior Talent with Industry Specific Expertise
Our extensive knowledge base provides a well of expertise to draw upon when it comes to obtaining critical pieces to complete your technology puzzle

IT Staffing Solutions to Propel Your Business Forward

Resolute is a leader in providing reliable and experienced IT staffing solutions across many sectors, with a wealth of industry-specific knowledge. Whether it’s temporary assistance to shore up an existing team or complete ongoing operational management over your technology operations, we have the resources to reinforce your business.

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When your organization lacks the necessary expertise to keep your IT environment running at peak efficiency, Resolute IT staffing agency can help. For a consultation to learn how we can position you to reach your business goals, contact us.

What Are the Benefits of IT Staffing?

Our comprehensive IT staffing services can help your business in many ways.

Reduce Hiring Time

With recruitment and staff aug, you can skip posting jobs, searching the market, and multiple interviews.

The Right Fit

Whether its a temporary contract or a permanent placement, we match you with experts who are the right fit for your business.

Access Senior Expertise

Our Senior Talent have a lot of industry and project experience

Reduce Churn

If you’re having trouble training and retaining IT staff, we can help

Access to a Full Range of IT Professionals

We have project managers, business analysts, architects, developers, network specialists, application specialists, and IT support staff - ready to assist you

Highly Qualified and Certified Project Leaders

Our resources are ready to jump in and get projects to the finish line

Flexibility to Ramp Up or Down

With staff aug, you can add resources for a specific duration to accelerate your work and then scale down when needed

Stop IT Issues from Holding Your Business Back from Growth

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