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Resolute consultants have over 25 years of experience delivering expert IT services to a wide variety of industries. From commercial to not-for-profit, we can deliver the solutions you need to help your organization reach its goals.

With Resolute’s Industry-focused IT services, you can:

✔  Benefit from IT services tailored to your industry

✔  Access consultants with a breadth of experience

✔  Receive advice including IT strategy, assessments & changes

✔ Gain IT staffing expertise for your project

✔ Consult with experts versed in compliance issues

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Business Process Optimization Services

As part of our suite of business process optimization services, we will:

Review Current Processes

Review your current business processes for their efficiency:

A thorough review of your current processes can reveal inefficiencies and pinpoint where productivity is lacking, or where operations are not functioning optimally. Our consultants can work with you on process reviews and report back on problem areas.

Create New Processes

Create new processes where there is an opportunity for increased efficiency:

Once we undertake an analysis and identify inefficiencies, we can present recommendations for changes to business processes designed to optimize operational efficiency and to increase productivity.

Instill Best Practices

Instill best practices into new processes to ensure that they operate effectively:

We can leverage our extensive knowledge across a broad range of industries to help you incorporate best practices into your business operations. We will work with you to determine what methods work for your particular sector and provide a framework for their implementation.


Provide process change documentation:

When processes change, it is vital to keep a log for future reference, as future changes may attempt to re-incorporate inefficient operational methods. Our team of consultants will document process changes to ensure a record of process optimization is maintained so that any subsequent shifts can be built on past successes.

Post-Change Assistance

Provide post-change implementation assistance:

Implementing process changes frequently requires support so that personnel understand and are comfortable with following them. We can provide post-change implementation support designed to ensure a smooth transition to new policies and procedures.

Our Industry Experience

We have senior professionals with more than 25 years experience delivering IT services to a diverse portfolio of organizations across multiple sectors, including:

Through our consulting services, we can provide you with executive and IT management consulting services consisting of guidance on IT strategy, assessments and separation planning. We will help you navigate through organization changes as well as help you to establish best practices relating to your computing needs.

Get the Industry-Specific Guidance You Need

We can also help you with business operations and infrastructure consulting to help steer you through the process of establishing and implementing your systems.


IT Outsourcing
Our IT outsourcing services include infrastructure and application management, custom application development and system integration, as well as IT help desk and customer support.


IT Staff Augmentation
When you need extra personnel on hand to help with projects, our IT staff augmentation services can provide you with expert project managers, system architects, business analysts, software developers and infrastructure specialists.

Get IT Advice Tailored to Your Industry

No two industries are identical when it comes to regulations, practices, and oversight. Our consultants work to understand the environment your organization operates in and can design unique IT solutions tailored to your particular needs.

Whether you are a commercial entity or a not-for-profit organization, we have the skills and expertise to help you overcome today’s technology challenges and bring your IT environment into alignment with your objectives.

To learn how we can tailor our IT consulting services and solutions to the challenges of your industry, contact us.

Benefits of Business Process Optimizations

Optimizing core business processes can have valuable benefits for your business.

Leverage Technology You Already Have:

Many outdated processes are based on old technology and don’t get updated when you transition to modern tech

Achieve Industry Standard:

Improve your development practices until they meet industry standards

Greater Transparency:

Build more transparency into your new processes

Access Valuable Training:

We can provide guidance on development frameworks, processes, and containerization platforms

Access Automation:

Leverage automation where applicable in your new processes


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