Network Support Specialists EDMONTON

Our team provides expert network support services in Edmonton to ensure reliable availability for Edmonton organizations.

Is Your Team Equipped to Maintain Your Network Effectively and Securely?

Resolute’s Edmonton network support services supply companies with resources and proactive monitoring needed to maintain network connectivity and remediate network issues.

Our team manages networks through proactive monitoring tools, well-refined processes, and experienced network specialists. 

✔ Resolute’s network administration services cover account management, server backup and recovery, and a range of file level security management

✔ We are able to quickly flag and respond to network problems through proactive monitoring and remote remediation

✔ We investigate root causes. Our network team performs diagnostics and troubleshooting to identify what led to network problems to prevent them from reoccurring in the future

✔ We manage core network functions such as network connectivity and data capacity to ensure your business isn’t hindered by poor network performance

✔ Our network specialists provide a well-rounded approach to network security covering access management, network policies and controls, Virtual Private Network (VPN) configuration and deployment

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Network Support Services Edmonton

Our business network support services are geared towards ensuring organizations remain productive and aren’t hampered by network downtime, capacity problems, or security risks.

We offer network support services to Edmonton businesses as part of a complete managed services offering and as a standalone service. In either scenario, we have computer network consultants ready to ensure network problems never give your business pause.

Networking Companies in Edmonton

With resources across North America, Resolute ensures companies in Edmonton are well supported in terms of their network needs.

We are a national Managed IT Services provider and network support company, delivering a consistent and dependable level of support so our clients can focus on their business.

Our team pairs network monitoring tools with a proven track record of network support experience to keep business networks operating efficiently and securely. 

Resolute network support and administration services includes: 

  • IPAM (IP Address Management)
  • Network routing and switches
  • Troubleshooting and resolving switch port issues 
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) relationship management
  • Network performance management and traffic analysis
  • Managing network connectivity and troubleshooting any problem areas

Computer Network Support Specialists in Edmonton

Since Resolute is a full-service IT provider, we cover a wide range of IT services. Our team is composed of senior consultants including architects, business analysts, project managers, security specialists, and a 24x7 helpdesk.

In the area of Network Support, our team includes: 

  • Level One to Three Deskside Specialists
  • Network Support Specialists 
  • System Admins
  • Computer Network Support Specialists  
  • Infrastructure Consultants 
  • Network and Cloud Architects 

Network Security Services Edmonton

Network security is a critical component of network support services and an organization's approach to cybersecurity. 

For businesses where most of their workflows happen in the cloud, network access issues mean they may lose valuable time until they are resolved.

Resolute Network Security Services safeguard organizations with: 

  • Network access control and management
  • Securing network-connected endpoints - hardware, software, and mobile devices
  • Regularly implementing and reviewing network and firewall policies and controls
  • Installing network switch firmware upgrades and patches to protect from cyber threats
  • Proactive monitoring, maintenance and management of firewalls 
  • Granular policy setting including network segmentation to divide network traffic
  • Installing and configuring Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
  • Global filtering including websites, email, and social media

Network Support Edmonton

Our Network Edmonton IT support services can also manage cloud services depending on the use case. We've designed our network support services to manage the level of access cloud services have on your business network. 

Our team is comprised of experienced computer network consultants who work to understand your business requirements, analyze current state, and make network design recommendations suited to your specific needs. At Resolute, we go beyond just network support and assist our clients with planning for future technology needs based on growth plans and evolving strategic requirements. 

Edmonton Network Vendor Management 

Managing additional vendors can be time-consuming and confusing if you're not familiar with the workflow. 

At Resolute, we work manage the relationship with client network vendors in addition to ISPs to guarantee that  service levels, uptime, and pricing are all held to level agreed upon in service contracts.

Our Edmonton Network Vendor Management covers: 

  • Negotiating contracts, extensions, and delivering the best options for new contracts
  • Service level negotiations aligned to budget and any ongoing concerns
  • Analyzing contract to make pricing recommendations
  • Working through service issues with the chosen network vendor or ISP

Network Support in Edmonton

Our team has experience managing all critical components of corporate network infrastructure. Our Edmonton network support services cover all network problems from end-to-end. We support routers, firewalls, switches, WAPs, and address any issues that arise with LAN, WAN, or network connectivity.

Edmonton Network Support When You Need It
Our 24×7 Edmonton network support services mean we can address network problems as they arise. We use proactive monitoring and remote access to ensure network problems don’t impede your business.

Computer Network Support Edmonton
Quality network support requires specific expertise that can be difficult to maintain in-house. Our team can maintain your network infrastructure at a fraction of the rate it costs to train and employ full-time in-house network resource.

Network Support Service in Edmonton

Whether you are looking for an IT partner that can manage everything for you or just fill a gap in terms of network support services – we have you covered. 

Full IT Services Offering
Network support services are just one of many areas we specialize in at Resolute.

Remote and Onsite Support: For many of our clients, we are their IT. Our Service Centre is well-equipped to handle not only network problems but any issues your team might face with laptops, desktops, mobile devices, servers, applications, and more.

Expert Analysis and Insight: Our team goes beyond just typical network support and can offer seasoned advice in the network architecture space. We analyze key network areas such as capacity, bandwidth, security, throughput, performance, and recovery. 

Edmonton Network Support Services

Get consistent uptimes at a predictable cost with Resolute’s network support services in Edmonton.

Leverage our network support services for your Edmonton business to reduce costs of managing internally, reprioritize your team to more strategic areas, and ensure uptime and network security.

Reduce Cost and Increase Focus
By partnering with us to support your network needs, your team can focus on more strategic areas of your business. It also reduces the cost to hire, train, and retain network-specific resources. 

Find out what pricing looks like for network support services at your Edmonton company. 

IT Network Support Edmonton

Benefits of Network Support Services in Edmonton

Getting network support in Edmonton opens the door to a number of benefits for your business. 


Secure Operations

Regular maintenance, management, and monitoring identify and resolve network problems before they impact your operations.

24x7 Support

Our network support team is always ready to jump in and resolve priority issues that could impede your business.

Proactive Monitoring

Our proactive monitoring means we get immediate alerts when something occurs on your network. Our team gets alerted and is able to investigate remotely to resolve any issues.

Seasoned IT Expertise

Our consultants have worked with small to enterprise-sized organizations in a number of different industries. We bring this expertise to each project and client.

Reduce In-House Costs

With network support services, you are paying a predictable monthly cost to maintain your network to the right levels. This means you're not overburdening in-house staff or overpaying for the work required.

Full-Service IT

Resolute can support your company's IT needs from strategic planning all of the way down to helpdesk services. We are a one-stop-shop for all of your tech needs.