Edmonton Cyber Security Services

We ensure companies in Edmonton have the tools, processes, and monitoring in place to manage risk and defend against cyber threats.

Does Your Edmonton Business Have a Clear Risk Management Plan to Account for Cyber Security Threats?

Keep information secure by bolstering cyber security measures and refining processes for your company based in Edmonton. Leverage our cybersecurity consulting, implementation, and ongoing support.  

Our Cyber Security Service can assist with:

Advanced endpoint protection, monitoring, and response

Network scanning and vulnerability remediation

Reviewing firewall and antivirus configuration

Reviewing patch management processes and security policies to offer recommendations for improvement

Implementing security features such as multi-factor authentication, email filtering, and security awareness training

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Cyber Security Edmonton

Our Edmonton cyber security services are designed to pinpoint areas of your IT (Information Technology) environment that can pose a threat to your business and provide recommendations to address these gaps in security.  

Cybersecurity Edmonton

Resolute’s Edmonton cyber security services cover a wide range of assessments, remediation activities, tool configurations and deployments, and ongoing support for infrastructure, applications, and IT environments.

To ensure operations, systems, endpoints, and data are secure, we can assist with: 

  • Cybersecurity Assessments 
  • Managed Firewall Services 
  • Multi-Factor Authentication and Single-Sign On 
  • Security Process and Policy Improvements 
  • Real Time Monitoring and Remediation 

IT Security Edmonton - Assessments

Our IT security assessments leverage automated tools and valuable expertise of cybersecurity professionals to identify vulnerabilities and gaps in current information technology environments, prioritize findings in a report, and provide remediation assistance if required. 

Our Edmonton IT Security Assessments include: 

  • Vulnerability Assessments 
  • Practices and Controls Assessments 
  • Network Security Assessments and Audits 
  • Risk Assessment 
  • Complete IT Security Assessment 

Network Security Edmonton

A large part of a successful cyber security program includes a focus on network security. We offer a network security assessment to highlight vulnerabilities in your current network configuration and associated hardware. 

Our ongoing network security and support services also cover: 

  • Configuring and deploying VPNs 
  • Managing file level security 
  • Applying patches and updates to network technology 
  • Access management 
  • Managing and updating policies and controls 

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Reduce Risk with Edmonton Cybersecurity Companies

Edmonton cyber security firms like Resolute can work with your business to identify gaps between current defenses and best practices. Our team can assess network security, firewall configuration, patching processes, and information security policies for a well-rounded assessment of your IT security posture. 

Cybersecurity Companies Edmonton 
Our team has the skills and experience to analyze requirements, make recommendations, implement new security tools and needed changes, and provide ongoing support afterwards through our managed IT services.  

Cyber Security Companies Edmonton

When researching cyber security companies in Edmonton, it’s crucial to select a partner that understands your business, technology, and processes. We work with companies in Edmonton and across North America to ensure their security needs are covered. 

Edmonton Cyber Security Company 
Our security specialists and business-focused consultants can work with your team to assess cyber defenses in place today, make recommendations aligned to business risk tolerance, and implement technology, policy, and security remediation initiatives.

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Advantages of Cyber Security Edmonton

Working with Edmonton IT security companies can bring forward a wide range of benefits from managing and reducing risk to gaining new business by positioning your company as a secure partner that adheres to industry leading security frameworks and guidelines. 

Full-Service IT

Unlike all cyber security firms in Edmonton, Resolute combines consulting, implementation, and ongoing support for a full on-partner solution approach to system security.

Expert Advice

As an experienced IT consulting company, our team can make recommendations aligned to your business needs based on a wealth of knowledge.

Manage Risk

Our team can work with you to determine what level of risk tolerance makes sense for your business and select and implement security layers to match these requirements.

Protect Data

Reduce risk of damaging data breaches by proactively remediating vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by cyber threats.

Well-Rounded Security Improvements

We do not just specialize in one area of cyber security. Our team will examine processes and policies, hardware, software, and training for a balanced approach to risk management.

Strategies Backed by Experience

In addition to securing information systems, we can also advise organizations on best practices for disaster recovery.