Welcome to Resolute’s ‘IT Advisor’ Blog

Welcome to the first post of the Resolute Technology Solutions blog! We have many experienced team members who each have a wealth of knowledge and expertise on a whole range of topics and we thought it was about time we shared some of what we know! While we titled this post: “Welcome to Resolute’s ‘IT Advisor’ Blog”, topics covered will include best practices for managed services, IT consulting tips, company news, tech reviews and loads of other interesting updates from the worlds of business and technology. Being a Full Service IT Provider, it only makes sense that our blog topics are as comprehensive as the services we offer. We’re planning to publish content that appeals to IT professionals, business leaders, entrepreneurs, IT students and anyone who has a general interest in the IT field. With expertise in industries ranging from insurance to agribusiness, you are certain to find information that appeals to your particular niche!

In addition to our new blog, this year we’ll be producing even more resources to assist and inform, including new case studies, white papers and an EBook that will be free to download! The IT industry is evolving rapidly and without keeping up the latest trends, your business’ technology and processes can become dated quickly.

For those who aren’t familiar with Resolute, we are a full service IT firm in Winnipeg with clients across North America. We work with small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) providing IT services such as mobile app development, systems integration, deskside support, IT consulting, and IT outsourcing for the full or custom package of services. Visit our About page to find out more about the Resolute story and our management team.

After conducting research into what content our users find most beneficial, we’ve discovered industry insights and company news are usually the most popular topics so we’ll try and touch on these as often as possible. We’ll be delving into a lot of information technology and business related themes and how those two worlds interact together.

Some exciting posts to look forward to this month and next include:

Co-operative Education: Student Co-Op Programs Benefit Students, Employers, and Universities

5 Ways to Attract IT Talent in a Competitive Market

How Managed Services Can Turn IT Headaches into Head Starts

Free IT and Software Resources for Non-Profits

And many more!

Some other IT-related subjects that we’ll try to cover:

  • Cyber-security Essentials for SMBs
  • IT Project Management Tips
  • How to Deal with Ransomware
  • Benefits of Outsourcing your IT
  • Hardware and Software Reviews
  • Importance of Work-Life Balance

If there are any topics you think it’d be good that we covered then let us know by using the Contact form.

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