When changes to your technology environment are necessary, it's vital to proceed in a clear, structured and organized way to avoid issues down the road. Our IT change management process can help you to undertake changes to your business processes or technology effectively and efficiently.

IT Change Management Services

As part of our change management process, we'll undertake a series of services to help guide your business through the necessary business process optimization steps. These include:

  • Preparing your organization for technology change, ensuring that the proper foundation has been laid for the required changes to proceed with minimal impact to your operations
  • Change planning, taking care to document every proposed step so that a clear roadmap is produced which can be easily followed once the change to your business has been implemented
  • Training, providing guidance and walk-throughs on using new technology and applications so that your employees are ready to operate when brought online
  • Full documentation of the changes for reference

Benefits of IT Change Management

You can reduce the amount of work involved by being proactive with change management for larger changes to processes or technology. By planning ahead with change management, you may see these benefits:

Reduced Strain on IT Support

Proactively and adequately training your personnel so that they are comfortable using new technology and applications can lessen the burden on your IT department by reducing the amount of support required. The more comfortable your staff are transitioning to new technology, the more productive they will be.

Increased User Acceptance

Any change in technology can be a challenging experience for some due to their lack of familiarity with new hardware and software. A proactive change management program that demonstrates the benefits of the new technology can significantly increase the rate of user acceptance.

Better Transition to New Processes or Technology

When upgrading to new processes, applications or technology, it is vital to have a proper roll-out; otherwise, the resulting confusion and drop in productivity may easily overshadow the benefits of making the change.

Delivered Repeatable Process

Once you make a significant change in process or computing environment, it can serve as a template for future changes. Lessons learned can be incorporated into subsequent plans so you can undertake future changes as smoothly as possible.

IT Change Management

Our change process management services are built with industry best practices in mind and several of our team members are Prosci certified.

Managing changes to your IT environment doesn't have to result in an impact to your business. To learn how our IT change management services can help guide you through the process, contact us.

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