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While the technology space continues to adapt in many ways, new challenges also await in a future work model from an employee engagement perspective for many workplaces. 

At Resolute Technology Solutions Inc., we have positioned ourselves to collaborate in many ways with our employees. It is not just the tools needed to work from anywhere for our employees’ roles to successfully complete client projects or assignments. A plan to transition to a hybrid work model will also allow the flexibility for our team to be productive while considering safety and work-life balance. With our (new) space planning and a phased approach to transition into this work model, we aim to keep staff connected and engaged. 

Employee Engagement While Working Remotely

Keeping team morale on the upside is important and a way that continues to build the company’s culture. Resolute engages with employees through team events, such as our first ever virtual holiday party at end of 2020, online bingo games, virtual meet and greet during lunch hours, and through private channels with clubs, events, news, and videos shared. 

Though the engagement doesn’t stop there. The trend for employees feeling overwhelmed with stay-at-home environments, children and other priorities have been a reminder and, in some cases, very real too. Feeling inspired, we’ve expanded engagement beyond employees to include their families. Most recently, we decided to have a little fun activity over spring break and came up with an idea based on the TV hit show The Office, which was to create a contest for employees and their families to build the (new) Resolute office space out of Lego! Imagination at its finest with stop motion video and a ton of designs, which yielded awesome submissions and showcased talented children and family collaboration. It doesn’t stop there…e-gift cards of choice were given and the ‘contestants’ were quite pleased and inspired. We share some of these fun and enlightening submissions below. 

Working at Resolute

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