We can host web or mobile apps for your business so you never have to manage on-premise equipment.

Take Hosting and Server Management Off Your Plate

We take care of managing your applications, servers, and networks so you can make the most of your team’s time.

With a web hosting services, you can:

✔  Reduce costs

✔  Improve availability

✔  Enhanced security

✔  Get time to manage more strategic elements of your business

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Web App Hosting For Your Business

Managed Hosting
With the growth of cloud-based storage, many companies are making the switch from self-hosting on local infrastructure to fully managed hosting services for their websites and business applications.

Advantages of Managed Hosting
There are many advantages to fully managed cloud web application hosting services including: reduced costs, improved availability, security, scalability and backup and recovery.

SaaS Managed Hosting

We provide fully managed SaaS hosting services for all of your applications, taking care of the management and operation of your applications, servers, networks and all related technical infrastructure; reducing your costs, and freeing you to make more efficient use of your time and resources.

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Remove the burden of acquiring and managing physical onsite servers and of monitoring your applications with our web application hosting. It will grow with your organization, reduce your costs and help you deploy your resources more efficiently.

To learn how our cloud web application hosting  services & SaaS hosting can be put to work for you, contact us.

Cloud Web Application Hosting Benefits

Web application hosting offers several key benefits, including:


Cloud hosting is ideal for companies that need to grow their service capacity to meet increasing demand. No need to pre-purchase excess server capacity. You can start small and grow as needed without incurring service risks and/or additional cost.

Cost Savings

Save the cost of purchasing and maintaining your own dedicated servers by hosting your applications with us. Buying the equipment required to handle peak load requirements is expensive and it remains underused most of the time. With cloud hosting, you only pay for the services you use, eliminating the need for the capital acquisition costs of the hardware. With our fully managed hosting services, you can also save the costs associated with staffing, ongoing support and maintenance of the hosting environment, and for monitoring your applications.


Cloud-based datacenters are far more secure than what is practical for most local datacenters. We use only cloud hosting providers that meet stringent security standards and hold certification in Security Management Standards (ISO 23001), Cloud Specific Controls (ISO 27017), Personal Data Protection (ISO 27018), Payment Card Standards and others. Securing infrastructure and applications against threats and vulnerabilities is a complex and ever-changing challenge. With our fully managed hosting services, you get the professional security management services that you need.

Backup and Recovery

Minimize downtime, manage your risk, and meet your disaster recovery requirements with cloud hosting. Self-hosting leaves you at risk of equipment and datacenter failures. Cloud hosting provides the redundancy necessary to handle localized equipment failures as well as disasters affecting entire datacenters.


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