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Our skilled employees can help make sure that your web application is successful. By offering comprehensive service, we’ll ensure you get a high quality end product.

The comprehensive services we provide are:

✔ Made by a highly skilled and talented team

✔  Never outsourced

✔  Totally integrated in your organization

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Web Application Services

Overall Needs Analysis

The first service we offer is a holistic analysis of what your needs are. This requires a complete understanding of precisely what your objective is in the context of this web application, in addition to a multitude of other factors.

Development of Web Strategy ​

In addition to our other services, we also assist in the developmental process of your web application strategy. This involves acquiring a complete picture of your company, including what your strategies are, any external organizations you rely on, and what the competition is like for your industry.

Designing Solutions ​

Once we’ve factored in all the necessary details, we can create web application based solutions for your company. We then process everything and distill it down into a more approachable format. After that, we come up with potential ideas that fit your needs.

Web Application Design​

Another service we offer is the creation of the complete design of the web application from the ground up. We come up with a design and iterate on each aspect of it until it’s well refined. This includes the UI, user experience, graphic design, and the overall structure and function of the software. We then test the usability of every component of the web application to make sure that what we present to you is highly polished.

Web Application Development​

In addition, we also can follow through on the actual development of web applications. In such cases, your business has already created design documents and just needs the actual coding completed. This is a service we can easily and smoothly provide.

Web Application Integration​

In some cases you might not actually need a custom web application created, but instead can use a prepackaged web application to fit your needs. We will smoothly blend the web application into not only your organization but also into your business partners who may need it. We also take care to ensure that your application is secure by making use of a range of systems to protect your organization.

QA Testing​

We also offer quality assurance testing services. If you’ve recently completed the creation of a new web app, or have recently installed an existing application and want to ensure that your tool is smooth and bug free, we can provide in-depth testing services into each facet of it to guarantee its quality.

Web App Post-launch Support And Refreshes​

When the web application is completed, bug free, and released, that doesn’t mean that you can forget about it. To help ensure its success, you must maintain it and support it with new content. We also can provide this service.

Resolute’s Web Development Services

Web application development can be a tricky and time consuming process. You need to create something useful that works with a huge range of computers, tablets, and smartphones. We can bring your idea to life.

Wide Spectrum of Development Expertise
We provide a broad selection of web application development services. You can concentrate on the day to day operation of your business knowing that our talented staff are hard at work realizing your vision.

One-Stop-Shop for Development 
We do everything. We plan, build, test, and support afterwards.

What Makes Us Unique

We possess a few characteristics that make us unique in the world of software development. Firstly, we never outsource anything. This ensures our high standards of quality control.

The second aspect that makes us rather unique is that we can provide a completely comprehensive set of services. When you use a multitude of different support organizations to complete a portion of the task, the bad communication causes the overall vision to suffer. By providing all services we always know exactly what we need to do and can therefore provide a high quality of service.

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We provide high quality web application development services. This is done through our passionate, talented staff, our broad range of skills ensuring that you don’t need to recruit anyone else to develop your web app, and the fact that we don’t outsource. Interested in one of our services? Contact us now.

Benefits of Resolute's Software Development Services

Our development services offer the following advantages to your business:


Development is complicated, time consuming and requires a lot of specialized skills. Focus on your business, while leaving the development to us.

The Right Solution Guarantee

We pride ourselves on always doing right thing for our client. We guarantee we will only recommend solutions that are in your best interest -- whether or not we build them.

Custom Fit

Solutions tailor-made for your business.


Our experienced and highly-skilled development team is committed to delivering high-quality solutions.


Ongoing training ensures that you’re never left behind by technology changes.


As the product owner you have visibility into our development process that allow you manage product features and cost.

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