Make IT security an ongoing part of your business strategy to prevent cyber threats and reduce risk to your organization.

To keep your business secure from cyber attacks, you need to have practices and controls in place to ensure everyone in your organization operates safely and doesn't leave the door open to threats that can bring down your network and cripple your operations.

Our IT security specialists use best practices to:

  • Review your IT Practices and Controls using a framework based on the top 20 Center for Internet Security (CIS) controls.
  • Provide an executive summary of overall risk rating, maturity rating and key findings
  • Give you a detailed assessment of your IT practices and controls


In most cases, IT security practices and processes are developed organically by an organization and built upon as new threats come to light. This works to a certain extent but varies in effectiveness by what skills you have in-house, the software you’re using, how much time your team has for regular monitoring and analyzing risk areas, lack of proper documentation for repeat checking and consistency, and several other factors.

Practices and Controls Assessment

We complete a Security Controls assessment at a flat rate to assess your organization’s current infrastructure and processes utilizing industry standard criteria based upon The Center for Internet Security (CIS) Controls. Our assessment is based on your company’s information which is then evaluated and weighted against all 20 CIS controls. 

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Practices and Controls Key Findings and Recommendations

Once we have the findings from the assessment, our team reviews the results and cross-compares against industry best practices for similar sized organizations highlighting all major and minor risk items with their associated level of difficulty to address. Your company will get an overall Security Controls Risk rating of Low, Medium or High as well as the detailed report listing areas of concern. We provide you with this list of prioritized recommendations so that your team can start tackling each item to bring your IT security in line with industry standards.

Example High-Level Key Findings Recommendations

Technology and cyber threats are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and difficult to manage without the proper practices and controls in place. Let us help your organization establish a baseline for where your practices and controls are currently and aid you in developing a roadmap for better protection from cyber threats you may face.

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