The agriculture industry is constantly evolving, and companies in this sector require business technology guidance and IT solutions that can keep up with changing demands.

With a host of regulations, standards and best practices that organizations need to follow, companies in agribusiness need an IT services and solutions provider that can help them navigate this complex landscape and enjoy the support that a fully-optimized IT environment brings.


Our IT Services for the Agriculture Industry

Our consultants can help your agriculture industry organization benefit from cost-effective and secure technology and processes that drive your business forward while keeping your operations functioning productively and efficiently.

Our services include:

Agribusiness Package Selection

We can help with selection and implementation of primary agribusiness systems and software. Many of our team members specialize in using agribusiness software such as Agrosoft.

On-site Implementation

We have experience travelling to grain elevators and terminals for technology builds and implementations. We can integrate the technology with grain control terminals wherever your worksite may be.

IT Outsourcing

We offer a host of managed services designed to remove the burden of managing your systems. English-French bilingual helpdesk support across Canada, as well as management of your IT assets, infrastructure, desktops, and mobile devices, helps reduce the strain on your IT department while allowing you to deploy your resources more efficiently.

Business Process Optimization

Our senior consultants examine your current IT processes and procedures to identify areas to improve efficiency. We are familiar with agribusiness work processes and can assist in optimizing existing processes or transitioning to new ones.

IT Staffing

We provide staff augmentation services for IT project delivery and business operations. We can provide resources such as project managers, system architects, business analysts, and infrastructure specialists.


Our IT services and solutions are designed to help agribusiness companies put in place optimal technology configurations to help them run effectively and efficiently.

From Agriculture to Manufacturing IT, Resolute can address the IT needs of clients in a wide range of industries. To learn how our specialized IT services can help your organization, contact us.


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