Web Application Development Winnipeg

We can build a custom web or mobile app for your Winnipeg business or develop integrations between existing apps.

Custom Web Application Development Winnipeg to Power Your Business

Resolute’s Web App Development Services gives your Winnipeg business a competitive edge, letting you connect with your customers with enhanced functionality and flexibility.

With a custom web app from Resolute, you can:

✔  Connect with your clients more efficiently

✔  Promote your brand in new ways

✔  Integrate with your existing systems

✔  Benefit from extensive metrics and reporting

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Why Does a Custom Web Application Development in Winnipeg Make Sense for Your Business?

Boost Productivity

With custom web application development, you can improve productivity by facilitating collaboration in a way that is tailored to your organization. Co-workers will be able to have access to common documents and files for efficiency.


Web applications offer improved scalability, with the ability to handle large amounts of data traffic. A web app is much easier to scale and maintain than a legacy app that requires hard to source skills and has inherent barriers to growth.


The best examples of web apps have one thing in common: increased security protocols that are built into the code, allowing for dynamic updating from a single source to help protect your data.

Custom User Platforms

Whether it's a web portal for your customers or employees or an eCommerce platform, a custom web application can deliver specifically-branded functionality that off the shelf products can't match.


Web applications typically operate with high speeds and response times - resulting in greater adoption and improved efficiency. They can also offer an optimized display to match the type of device you are accessing the web browser through.

Business Intelligence

Streamline the centralized collection of data for improved business intelligence. You'll be able to visualize and analyze usage data to improve processes and streamline operations.

Web App Developers in Winnipeg

Developer Landscape in Winnipeg
Winnipeg has evolved into somewhat of a high-tech Mecca, with a vibrant and technologically advanced infrastructure that is attracting a wide variety of businesses. Because of this, there has never been a higher demand for customized technology services, specifically web application development services.

Building for Demand
There are many development-related courses and curriculums at Winnipeg’s universities and colleges and an even greater demand from business for these types of professionals. There are regularly over 200 open developer and programmer job postings in Winnipeg at any given time.

Is the Rise of Web Apps Affecting the Adoption of Desktop Applications?

With the continued popularity of smartphones, there’s been an explosion of mobile applications. However, there’s also a growing trend away from self-contained desktop applications toward applications that operate via a web browser.

Web applications differ from websites in that they are remotely-hosted tools providing the user with specific functionality. Popular web applications include Google’s G Suite of productivity tools which include writing, spreadsheet, and presentation applications.

Desktop and web apps each have advantages and disadvantages. Desktop applications, because they rely on internal computing resources, are typically much more attractive for resource-intensive usages such as video editing and graphics-heavy processes. However, with ever-increasing benefits of internet connections, more and more businesses are seeing the benefits of switching to web applications.

So while desktop applications are still alive and well, there is a growing trend toward web applications for a number of reasons.

Resolute Winnipeg Custom Web Application Development

At Resolute, we have the web application development tools and expertise to develop a product that helps you meet your business goals. Improve your brand image, enjoy metrics reporting, and integrate the apps directly into your processes and systems.

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To learn how your Winnipeg business can improve productivity and efficiency with a secure and scalable custom web application, contact us.

What Are the Benefits of IT Staffing?

Our comprehensive IT staffing services can help your business in many ways.

Reduce Hiring Time:

With recruitment and staff aug, you can skip posting jobs, searching the market, and multiple interviews.

The Right Fit:

Whether its a temporary contract or a permanent placement, we match you with experts who are the right fit for your business.

Access Senior Expertise:

Our Senior Talent have a lot of industry and project experience

Reduce Churn:

If you’re having trouble training and retaining IT staff, we can help

Access to a Full Range of IT Professionals:

We have project managers, business analysts, architects, developers, network specialists, application specialists, and IT support staff - ready to assist you

Highly Qualified and Certified Project Leaders:

Our resources are ready to jump in and get projects to the finish line

Flexibility to Ramp Up or Down:

With staff aug, you can add resources for a specific duration to accelerate your work and then scale down when needed


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